Day Getting Better!

Ah, I like this. I can see myself spending many a happy hour, or at least ten minutes, wrting in this! I’ll never have to send a chatty e-mail again – I can just refer people to here. Fantastic!

Well, last night I found a form I needed to send back to uni to say I’d be attending my graduation. The form had to be in last Friday, and it said that if it was any later they wouldn’t let me attend. Needless to say I was ever so slightly miffed at the prosepct of having done three years (hard!) work and not getting the round of applause from my lecturers that I deserve at least for paying my fees on time.

Anyway, I got in this morning and they said that there was no problem. Although it was quite difficult getting through the door to the reception. On the down side, the bolognaise stain from last night hasn’t washed out of white top, which is a bit of a pain.

Another slightly irritating aspect of the day thus far is that I got up a 6am so I could take my brother to the station on time, only for him to get up at 7.30 to say he couldn’t be bothered coming to uni today. So I’m in here early typing this instead of sleeping later and going straight to my lecture.

Anyway, guess the moto for the day is “think positive”. My horoscope for the day says – “You know best. Your taste is appropriate and exquisite. Leave them beggin for more”. Should be interesting!

Suppose I should think bout getting this online to my dedicated fan base at some point.

OK, have fun everyone! I’m off to a lecture but need to stop staring at the blonde sitting next to me first…

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