Good morning! (Must get this online!)

Well, woke up this morning to find a JCB and a council lorry parked on the drive while they fix the road by my house. Wouldn’t mind that but for the fact the people in them were just sat there talking. Apparently they had a rather lengthy lunch break yesterday too.

It was a bit of a pain last night coz all you could hear were cars stopping and starting at the temporary traffic lights. I managed to resist the temptation of going to get myself a traffic cone with a flashing light on top. I figured it would only get in the way later on after the novelty of having a flashing traffic cone had worn off.

Played badminton last night with Isla and Nig, and my brother. Nige decided to explain to me about playing front and back of the court (doubles) rather than left and right which we normally do AFTER the point had ended. I just thought he couldn’t be bothered moving. I’m all for varying tactics, but a bit of talk wouldn’t go a miss. Think next time we may have to play singles so we can get Nige to do a bit of running. I’m sure he doesn’t mean it in a derogatory way but when you get lines like “You go to the front coz I can get round the court” you begin to think “Hold on a sec!”. Anyway, managed to run off the knock I picked up at footy on Saturday so all’s good on that front.

Right, I’m going to go make my notes on contempt of court and brace myself for what I expect to be a farce of a one hour media law exam tomorrow afternoon.


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