Pointless Journeys

I’m beginning to get fed up of this. This is the third time in two weeks I’ve had to come into Uni for no reason of benefit to myself. The first time I had to return a book to the library because someone else wanted it. Did the Uni tell me? No. It’s only that I happened to be in the library to renew my books the day before that I found out, otherwise I was going to do it from home the day they were due in meaning that person wouldn’t have got the book until after the weekend.

Then I got in the other morning to find a notice saying that the lecturer was ill so wasn’t going to be in, which I guess is acceptable. But then this morning I get in and am sat there on me todd to be told that we got an e-mail last night saying that the tutor wouldn’t be in coz of a hospital appointment. Now, if this was an emergency appointment then fair do’s, but I suspect not. Why couldn’t we have been told in a reasonable amount of time? I don’t check my e-mails for one day and it means not only do I lose a £4.80 train fair, but also about 2 hours of my usual sleeping time and the wasted round journey time to get back home is another 2 hours at least. Then there’s the cost of coffee to try and stay awake through the tutorial at a further £2.14 for an extra hot double tall mocha from Starbucks (the cantiene coffee mings big time!). Hmm, I’m in a nark.

I was planning on having a day off after a hectic few weeks doing coursework and revising for the frickin stupid exam yesterday too. How we are expected to do an exam where three of us are crammed onto a desk barely 2 metres long and 1 metre wide I have no idea. To give you a better idea of the size of the desk, three standard university chairs will only just fit under if they touch each other. Especially when we each have an answer booklet, question sheet and booklet of statutes all A4 size, of which all need to be visible at any given time, there ain’t a lot of room. Add to this the fact that the heating was on maximum and you can see that not only did we have the mental side of the exam to deal with but it was also a test of physical endurance when you’re trying to cram all you know about defamation and contempt and apply it all into a one hour exam.

The day my university can organise something successfully will probably the day I leave. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the place and the vast majority of the lecturers are sound, but they can’t organise a [heavy drinking session] in a brewery. If they stood up rather than being so laid back it might help.

Right, enough of that particular rant. I’m going to go calm down. For their sake let’s just hope a Big Issue seller / charity person / monk selling CD’s getting me to say strange words doesn’t approach me on the way to the station…

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