Finally Online Tonight!

I finally finished sorting this thing out! It’s very complicated to customise because you have to use what they call “overrides” which means you have to be able to write html or css which I can’t really do. Don’t understand why they couldn’t just make a form saying things like “What font do you want to use?”. Would make more sense to me…

I had the weekend off after my exam and coursework exploits of the last month and just found that I have a tutorial tomorrow and really can’t be bothered doing any work for it. Motivation is at an all time low. I think I’m going to do all my letter writing and stuff this morning, go for a jog and then start it after Neighbours. That sounds like a good plan. Although I was just looking at the question and I’m not convinced we’ve covered it in a lecture. Will be fun anyway, I’ll keep telling myself that.

Had a fairly normal weekend. Glad to see Formula 1 still hasn’t got any more exciting than last year. Finally I’ve found a sport I am vaguely interested in that I can fall asleep to. Not only was there very little overtaking, but there were no accidents or major blow-ups or anything yesterday either!

Got the same old comments at archery about not making money. Apparently our club membership fees aren’t supposed to pay for target faces which should come out of the indoor target fees. Membership pays for targets, but not the faces as “we normally get them cheeper second-hand from competitions, you know”. No, I don’t know. Nor do I understand. Membership fees pay for your basic expenses, which includes equipment. If they didn’t you’d have to get members (however they become one) to fork out everytime you need something, and that’s never likely to work. And these comments are coming from the people who used to pay a frickin fortune more for indoor faces due to loyalty to a particular company. Aye…

At the end of the day we’re a none profit organisation and as long as we don’t loose too much money we’re fine. All we have to do is stay in the black for the year. We’ll work the rest out later.

Right, I’ll leave that there!


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