Ah, the end of another weekend on which nothing truly earth shatteringly exciting has happened.
I have caught my first cold of the winter, which ain’t a bad effort considering that it is virtually spring. I am, however, feeling like someone’s hit the right side of my face with a baseball bat. The left side is fine – this one really does just like the right.
Anyway, I wanted to major whinge about two things today. The first is Michael Owen. Liverpool have just lost to Southampton with Owen missing yet another penalty. To say he missed is being quite kind. I thought his miss against Portsmouth was bad in the FA Cup, but this one wasn’t hit with any pace, and direction and was even at a nice catching height. The only reason Niemi didn’t hold it was that it probably took him by surprise just how bad that shot was. It’s irriatating me that all the stories are of Owen holding the team to ransom saying he won’t sign a new contract unless he gets Champions League football. The thing is at the moment is that he seems to be trying his hardest to ensure that that doesn’t happen. It’s all very well making demands when you’re on top of the game but Owen was the worst player on the pitch today (from both sides) and if he thinks he is going to get into a top European side playing like that then he’s in for a shock. When his head moves back to Liverpool I will retract this comment. The second thing today is that I still don’t appear to be able to find a graphics package that enables to do what I want. I have four on my computer and there is only Paint that’ll draw lines for me. All I want is some nice, smooth, swurly paint brush strokes. I have them on my desktop wallpaper so they must be do-able. Any ideas, please let me know. They were my whinges. I would also like to point you in the direction of a singer / songwriter named Jessica Harp ( How this girl does not have a record contract I have no idea. With some of the rubbish we have flying about at the moment (although there is some good stuff) someone who can come up with good songs and be able to play and sing like she can should be there. Anyway, pop along to her website and there’s some downloads of her demos. They’re a bit raw as demos normally are but I think they’re pretty cool. And with that I will love you and leave you. M

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