Pub Quizzes!

Despite still feeling sore from Monday night’s incident, I went to the pub quiz again tonight, this time with Tom and Isla and David, but not Matt. Our score improved this time from 57 to *cough* 69. But what I wanted to rant about was the fact the table beside us won £22 because they had a Palm Computer with an encyclopedia on it and were looking up answers in that. I’ll admit that answers for “The fastest selling single ever is…?” (which they didn’t know, duh!) won’t be in one, but the national language of Pakistan (not Paki as another guy shouted!) can be found in an encyclopedia. It’s not that I’m particularly jealous – I knew we wouldn’t win – but you do a quiz like that for a laugh and to see how much you know, not how much you can look up given the resources. Incidentally, if anyone clever would like to join us for the next quiz, please get in touch! Cheers!

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