Sticky Situations

There was something I really wanted to post on here over the weekend, but I can’t remember what it was. Hmm… Anyway, got a coursework mark back today and was well chuffed with 68%. The problem was that most of my friends got in the 50’s and some even lower. It’s kinda hard to think what kind of reaction to give when they ask you what mark you got. Even when I left the building two people I’ve never spoken to before asked me what I got and were talking to me about it and they got in the mid-50’s and weren’t happy. What can you say? I gave the coursework back after I’d gone through it and left sharpish. Went to Manchester on Friday with Mr & … Mr Hankin for their birthday and had interesting night, the highlight of which was probably Mr Curry’s excellent insight into urinals. We finally made some money at archery on Saturday so it might be the first indoor season I can remember where we actually break even. Talking about money I had a bit of a scare before thinking that I’d gone over my over draft. The nice lady in the bank assured me I hadn’t though. Which reminds me, I must find my credit card bill. Mr Michael.

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