Taxi Number Three and Film Review

You’re Number is 899 in Ormskirk, and you drive a Vauxhall Omega. I’d go and revise my Highway Code if I were you because “Give Way” means that oncoming traffic has right of way i.e. don’t pull out in front of them causing them to slam on. And a red circle with 30 inside it means the speed limit is 30mph, not 50. Anyway, been to see two films over the weekend. Saw Monster on Friday night (close enough to be the weekend!). Wouldn’t say it was a bad film particularly, but if I’d been watching it on the TV I’d have turned off by the time it got good (about ten minutes from the end). It was interesting idea for a film, about how a prostitute was raped and how it affected her. Just that it was littered with worse language than 8 Mile which, in my opinion, just made it not very good viewing. Story wise, it was a bit of a reality check when you realise some of the things that happen to other people, and the lengths they will go to to get the chance at an “ordinary life”. So after that we decided we’d have to go see Shaun of the Dead last night, which was very very funny. Highly recommended no brainer really, but it showed how 28 Days Later could have been made into a good film. I don’t mind films like 28 Days Later if they’re done right, but it wasn’t. Films with profound meaning have to have a good story or you lose interest. That’s what makes Donnie Darko one of the best films ever made in my opinion – and a steel at £4.97 on DVD. Go watch it – it’s brilliant! I’m going to go lie in a darkened room now because I’m in one of those moods where I don’t really want people talking to me, just listening to people is irritating!


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