Exams Are Finished

Well I ain’t posted in here for ages, so I decided that now was as good a time as any. Can’t quite remember where the last post ended, but if you look at the date you’ll probably have guessed I finished my exams. (Apologies if I’ve already said that!). England have just been knocked out of Euro 2004 which is the big news of the day I suppose. WE WAS ROBBED! Can’t believe how easy a goalkeeper can get a free kick. All they have to do is go down and that’s that. Beckham missed his second penalty of the competition blaming the pitch was quite bad, so I won’t blame him for that, nor Darius Vassell for missing in sudden death. I do think though that if David Beckham and Steven Gerrard had turned up at the tournament England would have been much better. How we ever thought we could get far with only two midfielders playing is quite beyond me. Perhaps if Gerrard concentrated on his form rather than bigging himself up and having £ signs in his eyes he wouldn’t have been so out done by Zidane in the first game, and to be honest he never got much better. At least he turned up to play crap though, rather than Beckham who didn’t do anything but miss penalties did he? ‘Twas my birthday recently. Went out with James times two and Dave last Saturday… Friday? Can’t remember. All I can say is that the GCSE’s must have finished that week. One bright spot of the night was some lads in the burger place at 2 in the morning thinking that James (the Ellis one) was Pavel Nedved. He kept on going “Did you see him? Did you see Pavel? Pavel Nedved? He was just outside!“ And we’re looking at him kinda funny, James walks in and he goes “It’s Pavel!“ To be fair it looked like the guy was made up to be shaking the hand of the Czech Republic captain in a take away in Southport a few hours after he helped to beat Holland in Portugal… I can’t think of much more I actually want to put in the public eye to be honest, not that anything’s been particularly boring, just don’t think anyone will want to hear it! Love and Light (some people may know what that means!)

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