Just an update

Right then! My apologies I ain’t touched this for frickin’ ages! The site will get at least a revamped content if not a new look sometime.

The first thing to talk about is probably Joel’s wedding. The ceremony and all went fine and Jayne even turned up on time… I always thought it was the bride’s perogative to be late!?!?! Was quite cool at the end during the signing when an intro to one of the hymn’s was the intro to a Chilli Peppers song (can’t remember which one cause my head’s gone dead). There was some older people in front of us who started nodding to it, which I found very amusing. Guess you had to be there.

Then came the tragedy…

I got a burst tyre! Ian and Paul came to find me and asked if it was my new car. Yes. Well it’s got a flat tyre. I thought they were taking the you know what! They weren’t. And it was unrepairable. Had the car two weeks and already burst a tyre – marvellous! SO had to drive all the way home on this little temporary thing which was really embarrassing. The do after the wedding was good too, but sadly let down by the fact that the DJ didn’t have Reach by S-Club 7 as they were then.

The next thing I went to was to see The Calling in concert in Manchester – which was awesome! More reports on that to follow in the “Mikey Goes…” bit, hopefully.

Erm, and exam results were out and Graduation’s been and gone. Should probably say a word about that. Erm, results day was wierd, as most results days are. Got to uni for 9.30 only to find that they’d put back the release time half an hour. Was amazed just how few people went to pick their results up. Results are such an anti-climax when they come out as you were half expecting. Was disappointed with a couple, delighted with one in particular. But all’s good I guess.

Graduation was quite fun too. Again, got there what I thought was early and couldn’t see anyone I knew, so started to worry. Fortunately people came flooding in so I didn’t feel like quite an idiot wearing the mortar board. Was very funny when Al took his camcorder on the stage with him during the presentation to film the audience. Talking of that, would like to thank a few people! To Al, Claire, Frankie, Mel and Pauline – cheers guys! Me thinks if it hadn’t been for you lot I’d probably have given it all up in the second year when I was getting slightly irritated by everything. Best wishes for all the plans in the future! And the same to everyone else who made tutorials bareable (sp?), especially the likes of Ian, Matt and Joe. And with the sentiment, I think I will leave it at that!

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