Been A While

Well it’s been a while! I’m at work currently, thinking about my new site and how I can make it user friendly, active and reduce the work for me. I think I’ve found the answer so now I just need to take my finger out my backside and do it. The new site is getting there. It looks impressive. It’s a lot cleaner than this one with better artwork. The thing that’s taking all the time is pretty much the gallery, and only really the Delta section. I was going to try to expand that section to make it a definitive resource but it’s taking me so long to research and then I’m getting bored with making the tables (CSS isn’t worth the effort for what I’m doing to this end) and just putting info in. That’s not as fun as doing this, just typing random stuff. Erm, the artwork is all complete, I just need to get over some bugs and get the layout right, then I’m away. I expect that once the layout is done and working properly it’ll only take me a few days to complete the site minus the gallery section which I’ll just leave under construction and work on when I get the inclination. I’ll be streamlining as well I think, so there’s likely to be less of the Forum and chatroom etc, which aren’t really used and I’ll put more waffles in cause that’s really what having a personal site is all about. So that’s where the new site is at. Me? I’m still working at Heinz (have I put that somewhere already?). If you didn’t know I’m a data analyst. The job isn’t entertaining in the slightest and is better described as gopher / typist. I currently get myself through the day by overly looking forward to lunch and my trip to the company shop to buy quality-rejected biscuits, underweight chocolate puddings, beans and the usual 22p packet of either mint or toffee poppets. Occasionally I have to promise myself a trip to the shop after work too. Outside of the factory I’ve just learned how to do what I bought my guitar for – playing the intro to Wherever You Will Go by The Calling. It was innitially highly gratifying. Now it’s kind of sunk in that I’m nearly £300 poorer and I need to find more stuff I want to learn to play. Or join a band, although I’m still largely inept.

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