Look at this! Two entries in two days! Don’t get carried away though, it probably won’t continue! Had a bit of a chuckle this morning. I know I just seem to be going on about cars but… Was driving to work through Ormskirk and came up to some traffic lights. It was a normal queue of single lane traffic but when they went green this van pulled out from behind the first car and overtook it. Not too wise and didn’t get him far as we all pulled up behind him at the junction about 100 yards further down. Then he went straight across the junction really tight behind another car as a woman started to pull out of the other side. They both jumped and stopped and nothing happened. But the bloke in the van, in the rush he was plainly in, found time to stop, wind down his window and shout abuse at the woman in the other car! Well, I found it funny. Was also thinking. And now I’m going to use paragrpahs cause you may need to use your brain to follow!

“Life’s full of mistakes, destinies and fates” – Born to Try, Delta Goodrem. Can these three things really co-exist? Here are the definitions I’ll use.

Fate – The supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events.

Destiny – A predetermined course of events considered as something beyond human power or control.

Mistake – An error or fault resulting from defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness. A misconception or misunderstanding.

If fate exists then surely nothing is a mistake. We’ll have done the right thing to get the result. And if destiny is beyond our control our actions won’t be a mistake because they were supposed to happen. Neither way can mistakes exists. If we make a spelling mistake, for example, it is simply not the course of action we had to take to achieve the result we thought we wanted, but it was the course of action to achieve the result we in fact needed to reach our destiny.

The interaction between fate and destiny is the most difficult. If destiny is already planned, then what’s the point of fate? Destiny is going to happen whatever fate does. If the ball is already in the net then why bother with the build up?

And if fate exists then what’s the point of destiny? If fate predetermines events then destiny is simply an accumulation of fate. Therefore if destiny is out of our control then so is fate. That makes life rather boring, knowing that nothing you do can influence it. Me typing this is part of what I need to do to achieve my destiny because fate is making me do it.

Therefore it follows that our only true destiny is when fate ceases to influence us. Although it could be said that two fates make a destiny, or even one fate makes a destiny, then when this destiny influences another action, the destiny will then itself become a fate. Fate will inevitably stop influencing us upon death. But even in death fate may use us or our fates to influence others and as such we will never know when we have reached our destiny.

Destiny becomes a concept like infinity – we know it exists conceptually but as something actual it doesn’t exist cause however far we get, there’s always one more that can be added on. As our death influences someone then so their action as a result of our death will influence someone else and so on. Therefore, destiny simply doesn’t exist.

All that exists is fate. Just some random force pushing in random directions. Without destiny though, we have no-where we’re being pushed towards. We can go where we want. We have the choice to accept the fate or not to accept the fate. Therefore, without destiny, choice exists, and where there is choice there is not always fate. Without fate, life has a meaning because we know that our actions will inluence us because we want them to. We can therefore choose our purpose in life and so we can make mistakes.

To conclude… Make mistakes and be yourself, or believe in fate and destiny and go with the flow.

*Brain hurts*

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