Thought I’d have a quick waffle to say what’s been happening recently.

First thing – my first proper, decent LJ layout! How cool! The colours look a bit wrong on my work computer but at home on the good monitor the blue does actually look blue not violet and the cream is a bit more pale. Elisha Cuthbert looks great wherever.

I lost my Switch card two weekends ago. It wasn’t a good weekend that, having bumped the car after some kind moron flashed my out in front of another car on the Saturday just after I’d spent the best part of £140 on an iPod. If there was ever a time where I thought I shouldn’t go to the gym rather than not wanting to go, it was that weekend!

Anyway, still no replacement Switch card had arrived on the Friday so I gave them a ring. They cancelled the card which was due to be sent to me later this month, leaving active the one I left at the supermarket. And I had to go into a branch to find out if it had been used. Is my local branch (let alone my home branch) open on a Saturday? Is it crap. Anyway, a few phone calls later and someone with some common sense re-assured me everything was OK. When she was saying that the last transaction was for £140 at Dixons it was very tempting to say that it wasn’t me – wahhay, free iPod courtesy of Natwest!

As I mentioned above, I’ve joined another gym – the Hurlston Leisure and Fitness Centre. I went to have a look round and they sent for the pretty blonde girl to show me all the stuff, which was a bit unfair. I joined a few days later and went for my induction where they found me to have a high blood pressure and what, for me, is a high resting heart rate. That was possibly stress induced from joining a new gym but… Anyway, apart from not being able to move my arms for the first few days after going, that’s been OK.

But I went for a contact lense fitting at the weekend, and to compliment my high blood pressure and high heart rate I also have high cholesterol. Fantastic. So I’m off to the doctors for a check-up tonight. 22 years old, high blood pressure, high heart rate, high cholesterol? All seems a bit odd. And I’m going progressively more blind.

Went to see The Rasmus four / five weeks back. They really are an awesome band live but unfortunately the only credit they ever really got was for In The Shadows and, to an extent, Guilty. They did a show of the same format as the last time I saw them, playing a full electric intro, an acoustic set of three or four songs in the middle and then played the full electric versions of all the big songs at the end. The acoustic set was great. They played Wonderwall just cause we were in Manchester. Lauri said he didn’t know the chords so the guitarist and bassist played it while the crowd pretty much provided the vocals. ‘Twas great. Then came the encore at the end. Any band who play an electric, goth metal version of Ghostbusters for an encore have to be good!

It’s a good day to be a Liverpool supporter at work today after all the Wigan season ticket holders’ comments last Friday. Liverpool 3 Wigan 0. It’s noticably quiet behind me.

OK, back to work.

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