Graduate Scheme

Decided that I might as well apply for the NHS graduate recruitment scheme seeing as Heinz still haven’t offered me permanent work yet. Getting back into the application process after a year out is kind of difficult, but at least that year has given me some more stuff to talk about. Plus using the “Heinz Competency Framework” means I can structure my answers to application form questions quite well (I think!). Anyway, the application form thing said that the deadline was the 7th December, which is today. With that being a bit ambiguous I looked at the FAQ which said it was at 5.30pm today. I’d been intending on throwing an application their way for a while but completely forgot about it over last weekend. So in a panic on Monday I filled in all the tick boxes that aren’t much hassle, put all my personal info in and did all the basic stuff. I dug out all I could find from previous applications on Monday night in preparation for doing the four “proper” questions on Tuesday and today (Wednesday). I did three of them yesterday and worked out the gist of my fourth answer which I was going to type up today.

So I get into work today. Do a few of the bits I need to do and log-on to this application form. Or I try. Before it says that applications have closed! ARGH! Well, more “argh” probably. I like where I am at the moment and I’ve never really been one for major change after never having to make one in anything before I went university, so part of me still isn’t too sure whether I really want to apply.

Anyway, gave them a ring and they’d had quite a few people ringing up worrying like I was. So now they’ve extended the deadline to 6pm tomorrow which is good of them. Means I can do that fourth answer tonight anyway.

Also got a letter from the solicitors of the guy I bumped into the other Saturday. How it got to me I don’t know. It was addressed to Ms M Herbert in Sefton. It had my house number and road but that was it. I live a good 15 miles outside of Sefton. I’m not even convinced the accident happened there. Now I gave the other party my full name (as if my voice and lack of “lady lumps” (stupid BEP phrase) didn’t show I was more of a Mr), full address and my post code and my phone number. He also has my insurance details as well as my insurance company having his. So I can’t really understand why I’m getting a letter at all asking me for my details and why they have this poor excuse for my contact details. I rang my insurance company last night to express my fears of either massive incompetence on behalf of the solicitors or worse. Their legal department are going to ring me today apparently, although it ain’t happened yet.

On that type of note, had another one of those “He’s just a crap driver” times this morning. I know I had a bump, but ’twas caused by a mistake rather than because I was being stupid or selfish. There was a Mazda 6 on the motorway in the outside lane. He was probably doing around 90mph I think. He went past me (I was in the middle) and then undertook another car in the outside, but when trying to get back in he really had to sqeeze through the gap. OK, so we’ve establised the driver is a moron. The motorway was busy so this guy reached more traffic in his way, a white van. He flashed to indicate he wanted to go past, but he was so close to the van I doubt the driver would have known he was there cause of where he’d come from and at the speed. So the bright spark decides to undertake. This time though, not one but two lanes of traffic he undertook, from the outside to the inside, of a busy motorway. Not satisfied with the lane he was then in he moved back across, but as he did the white van he was behind had got past the car in the middle lane and moved in. I was so sure there was going to be some sort if incident. Anyway, there was a big long queue at the end of the motorway as three lanes merged into two for the roundabout. Needless to say Mr Selfishmazdadriver bombed along the outside and cut in when he could, a long way up. My lane obviously moved faster as I caught him up. I couldn’t help but look over to see who the driver was. He was this rather fat round guy, dressed in a shirt and tie with pens in his top pocket. Bless. He obviously can’t move very fast when given only his legs to propel him. I normally think that people like that are making up for something. Usually the size of something, you probably know what. In this case though it was probably less the size of but more that he was unsure whether he had something at all to worry about size – carrying that weight he must have been 4 years old the last time he could see even his feet while standing up.

The only other thing that happened last night was Chelsea v Liverpool in the final Group G Champions League game. It ended in a good 0-0 for Liverpool as we only needed to avoid losing to win the group. Essien nearly broke Hamann’s leg with a shocker of a tackle and Riise and Robben both missed half decent chances for their respective sides. That was about it. It wasn’t so much boring as “tactical”, albeit low on incident.

Till next time.

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