I don’t think I’ve developed an impatient streak, but why are there queues everywhere!?!? I can’t go out without being stuck in a queue, I can’t seem to make a phone call without it being engaged or being put it an queue. I was on time for work this morning until a tractor did between 25-30mph all the way from Ormskirk to the motorway and I was stuck behind it and a white van. It was national speed limit road and that happening was frustrating. If tractors and slow moving vehicles have to be on the road during the rush hour then they should at least take chances to let traffic through. Then I get on the motorway finally. Fantastic – get to use 5th! Then another queue to get off the motorway. Then another queue to get on the main road. Then another queue at the junction. And when I’m not queuing I’m randomly waiting for people. It’s just ridiculous.

I’m still really tired at the moment. I think I’m just going to have to go on auto-pilot (refuelling with caffeine on a regular basis) for the next few weeks till I’m off work. I know coffee dehydrates you, but I’m figuring if you drink enough you won’t feel thirsty. Sure that logic has its flaws. Too many people to do, so many things to see – so little time! I’ve already planned out this weekend so it will literally be Boxing Day probably before I can get a lie in in the morning.

It’s been a relatively unexciting morning. Although I have found out that the system I’ve spent two weeks testing doesn’t work properly. It has sections which make a percentage score of the final audit. Each section has subsections which make up a percentage score of its section. Each subsection has questions which each carry different percentage weightings towards the score for the subsection. All the weightings work except for this bottom level one, when it gets to weighting each question. It took me ages to get all that info in, and it doesn’t work properly. Woopee doo.

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