I’ve just been bored. Yes, the day has got no more entertaining. I decided to alleviate some of the boredom I’d do some random searches on LJ and read the blogs that come up. I maybe went to about 10 – 12 (maybe even 11!) of them. It’s struck me that there’s a few types of people who use these things. You have The Rambler. Like me. The person who talks about things that really aren’t that interesting, but at least it has a point and is like a story. A bit like a diary. After reading one guy’s journal I now really want to know whether the 4 lumps his cat, Annie, had on her tongue are cancer.

Ramblers include the Attention Seekers and the Philosphers. The Attention Seeker is the person who just writes “Today I went to the supermarket”. If that was a highlight and you don’t want the reader to know anymore then I guess that’s good for you, but this person isn’t a true Rambler cause of the short length of their entry and lack of discussion. The Philospher is a rambler who arguably thinks about life too much.

The Ramblers are what I consider the normal people. But then you also seem to get the Wierdo With No Friends. One guy was talking about song writing but he sounded strange and was happy with that summing up of himself whenever he heard it.

Then there’s the Sympathy Seeker. These are people who go on and just whinge for the sake of whinging about how terrible things are. Honestly, if the people who comment on your LJ entries are the only people who don’t want you to kill yourself, maybe you should think about getting out more. And when I say that, use the door rather than an tenth story window.

Just makes you realise how different people’s priorities are.

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