Wishes Come True

Well the Champions League “Super Sixteen” draw took place just under 90 minutes ago. Benfica v Liverpool. Could have been worse. But Chel$ki v Barcelona! HAHAHAHAHA! We were sat in the car on the way to footy last night going “‘Just luv it if Barca draw Chelsea, that’ll be great” and, alas, it actually happens! Will certainly be watching that on the TV!

Sat here rather aimless at the moment. There ain’t much I can be getting on with and I’m lacking the inclination to go open a can of worms this close to the weekend in the short-term and this close to me having two weeks off looking further ahead.

I keep burning my finger! Don’t know how but it’s now got two blisters on it! Was sat here earlier with a cup of cold water trying to cool it down seeing as we only have hot water taps at work.

Kept on falling over at football last night too. We play at 8pm till 9 on a tarmac type surface so it’s really hard to find footwear that’ll do. Obviously studs are a no-no but because it’s getting damp at that time astros are pretty useless too. Not sure if trainers will be any better though. So I have a sore elbow at the moment although I managed to avoid major damage to my knees this time round.

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