It Begins Again

Ah, Monday morning again. And the things that were broken on Friday are still broken today!

Did all my Christmas shopping on Saturday. Except for a few things I bought on the internet and Mum and Dad’s presents, the whole thing, including wrapping paper, cards (yes, I know, I’m not organised!), gift tags etc took a little over 4 hours to complete including travel time. I was quite impressed.

Saturday was finished off with cleaning the car for the first time in a long long time (my alloys are actually silver!) and then pretty much just watching the X-Factor final. Think the winner was deserved but I don’t think he deserves Christmas No.1 seeing as it will only come off the back of the show.

Watched the World Club Championship Final on Sunday. Can’t help but feel robbed after the 1-0 defeat to Sao Paulo. As Rafa says:

“We had 21 shots and 17 corners and we hit the bar twice, we scored three goals but what can you do? We couldn’t have done anymore to win.

“I am not happy with a lot of things from the game but I am very happy with my players and we did everything possible for winning. I would like to know what is a red card as Lugano should have been sent-off for the foul on Gerrard. Why did we only play three minutes of stoppage time at the end of the game as there should have been at least five minutes.

“We know the goal from Sinama-Pongolle was a clear goal. I have tried to show respect for Sao Paulo because it is a good team but we deserved to win and we controlled the game. You don’t normally see a team from Brazil defending like they did.”


“But something should change if you want to give importance to this competition. To play one game before the final and not water the pitch is not the most common thing.

“And you wouldn’t get a Mexican referee and Canadian linesman in the final of the World Cup. They replayed a lot of instances on the screen but not the goal – why? Everyone has seen we’ve scored three goals.

“There were a lot of things during the game, and I’d like to know what is a red card? And I want to know why, when there have been lots of stoppages in the game, we only had three more minutes at the end?”

We battered them, but they scored and we didn’t.

Been trying to organise the Christmas night out which is a bit more challenging this year than last cause we’re combining it with footy and there’s more people than last year. And it’s all being done by text! Anyway, if all goes well it should be a good night.

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