Feel Like Crap

SO tired! Feel like crap this morning and don’t really want to do anything. Went to the gym for 45 minutes last night and did all the weights, got home, had a bath and went to bed. Slept straight through to the extent that I’d left my phone on by mistake and didn’t hear text messages arrive.

The last four or five weeks I’ve been really trying to get fit. I’ve been going to the gym, playing footy, eating 5 portions of fruit / veg every day which I never used to do, drinking enough water, sleeping as much as I can but I’m still absolutely knackared. And now my hip’s starting to hurt too. Maybe I should just go back to my hive of inactivity and unhealthyness, eating too much sugar and salt and having really strong coffee in the morning.

Things are just becoming a drag and sometimes I’ll be talking to people and just can’t work out the words I need to say what I want to. I forget words, and they aren’t difficult either, so I end up having to go round the houses describing something. My concetration, even on things I like doing, is going down and the phrases “I can’t be bothered” and “I’m too tired” are possibly the most uttered in my vocabulary at the moment.

Plans for Christmas are coming together. A few more phone calls and texts tonight and all should be done as far as going out is concerned. Need to wrap a few presents tonight for my brother to take with him when he visits our friends cause I won’t see them before they go away for the holidays. Going to Asda after work to get petrol and toiletries cause I always run out of mundane stuff like shampoo and tooth paste over Christmas and don’t want to have to go out specially for those things. Then acquire a bag and iron some clothes for the work night out on Thursday and I’ll be ready for bed. And sleep. Hoorah!

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