“Normal” Christmas

Just been reading Jason Robert’s column on the BBC Sport website. For any of you that don’t know, he’s a professional footballer for a Premierhsip team.

Since I became a professional footballer, I’ve never had a normal Christmas.

I know most people have some drinks and let themselves go a bit, but not us.

I won’t be going out, I won’t have an alcoholic drink and I will have to be sensible with how much turkey I eat too.

So while you guys are enjoying yourselves, think of me and my quiet nights in.

To be fair, if I thought I could get away with going out the night before a game I would, but I’d be so rubbish at football I’d never get away with it!

The training in the middle of the day does mess it up a bit, but there are worse things to do.

I’m lucky we’re playing at home this year – when you have to play away and travel somewhere on Christmas Day it is absolute murder.

Yes, Jason, I’ll spare a thought for you over Christmas. I’ll also spare a thought for you the next time I’m sat at my desk for eight hours a day earning less in a year than you get in a week for doing something you enjoy.

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