So Christmas has been and gone.

Went on the work night on the Thursday which was quite good. Didn’t start too well when I managed to lock my car keys in the car. I’d noticed before that with the remote central locking you can lock the car but then open the boot leaving the rest of the car locked. So guess what I did? Yes, I locked the car (by mistake as it happens, I just pressed the wrong button), went to get my stuff out the boot, put the keys down to zip up my bag, closed the boot and the instant it slammed I knew the keys were still there. Crap…

Went for a Thai and then on the “Manchester Eye”. Don’t know if that is it’s real name considering that it isn’t a permanent structure and travels the country, but anyway. Then went onto a random near by pub and then Tiger Tiger. Got to bed around 2.30ish and woke up at 5.30 feeling as bad as I can ever remember feeling. Must have been a bad Coke, as someone suggested.

Got into work in time to wish everyone I knew a good Christmas and turn on my out of office on the e-mail. Mum and Dad kindly delivered my spare key so I could get home without the embarrassment of having the rest of the factory see the AA break into the car. I rushed in, wrote some Christmas cards that I needed to deliver and went out. Did some last minute shopping despite the fact I thought I had it finished and then got in and started wrapping. The Christmas tree never was put up. Wasn’t that I didn’t want it up cause I did, just never got round to it.

To be honest, everything from about 16.00 Thursday to 16.00 Christmas Day seems a bit of a blur. Saturday was taken up by football kicking off at midday. There were ten of us which was quite good but it didn’t help that my foot felt like it was broken by the first tackle of the day! It’s fine now but it wasn’t half making some funny noises and giving me grief whenever I moved in certain directions. Then in the evening we went bowling with the guys and Vicki and Lloyd who I haven’t seen for ages. Was a good night to see everyone again. We went into town afterwards which I wasn’t expecting and was so tired! My contacts were starting to get irritating cause I’m still not entirely used to them. I got in around 2 though so not all that bad.

Christmas was its normal thing of seeing all the family and trying to be nice. I guess it went OK to that extent then. Although it is the first Christmas Day I can remember where I went to bed at 9pm! I was just so tired from the previous few days’ activities. But I was up early in Boxing Day to wander round Southport trying to buy next year’s work shirts in the sales. I got one and a new tie so that may refresh my look for a while!

I’m beginning to think that my brother and me have maybe forgotten how to share a house. We’re rarely under each other’s feet anymore now we’re both working and the weekends we generally do our own thing. Over the weekend wasn’t too bad cause all the engagements we had meant that we were never bored but today we’ve been kind of lacking things to do. All he’s done is ask me questions. His favourite that he always used to ask “What are you doing today?” was expected, but then “When are you doing this?”, “Are you doing that?”, “Can you do this?”, “How many cheese slices did you eat? They were mine”, “Why are you doing that?”. Geez… I left a light on by mistake before and instead of just switching it off himself he had to ask why I left it on and when I was going to switch it off. I didn’t switch it off cause I forgot and then I went to the gym. Got back to my locker and looked at my phone. A text message – So shall I switch it off then? Apparently he’d rang Mum to ask where I was cause the light was on and then sent that. He knew where I was cause of all the sodding questions he’s spent the morning asking me! And the number of buttons he must have pressed to do that when it was just so much hassle for him to flick one switch in the first place.

I made dinner for us both this evening but didn’t put any forks out. Because of how our kitchen is set out the chair I normally sit on has to be moved in to get in the cutlery drawer. He asked me to move so I moved as far as I could. This is a fairly routine thing and I really don’t mind. I look over my shoulder and the drawer is still in the same position, so I say I’ve moved as far as I can. This results in a fork flying across the table, him proving to me that I must be wrong by scraping the drawer along my chair again until the finish on the drawer had been worn down to the wood after I moved my chair back so I could breathe and then him storming out saying he didn’t want his tea. So I ate it. His reactions are just completely disproportionate to what provokes them. It’s something he needs to get a grip of. He says I provoke him, but all I do is state facts – he reads maliciousness into them all by himself. He started going on about something in the car on the way to bowling on Christmas Eve, and I didn’t say anything. I think it was because he turned my heater down in the car when I wanted it on to de-mist the windows so I turned it back a bit. About 30 seconds later – “You always have to have the last word”. “I didn’t say anything!”. “See, always got to have the last word”. How do you win that argument? What can you do? It has absolutely no logic or constructive element to it. All it’s there to do is for him to go “Oh my word, aren’t I good?”. And the answer is “No, you just make yourself look an idiot”. I can’t scheme. I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet or anything, but when people say “Oh, they did that to get this reaction”, I never see it cause I don’t understand how people can think that much about things. So I don’t generally do things to be spiteful unless they’re blatantly obvious and I’ve had a while to think about it. I can’t do it off the cuff and in complex situations.

Again, playing footy on Christmas Eve. We had a bit of a tackle early on. I caught him, not dangerously or on purpose, just an accident. I didn’t feel it so assume he caught a stud. Fine, we get on with it after he whinged that his knee hurt and sat down for a few seconds. Then later, I have the ball, see him come flying in, knock it back past him and we collide as I go for the ball. Again, purely accidental but his tackle was a bit late and he caught my shin. It hurt, so I utter as much, as you do. When you feel pain, there’s an automatic reaction. I attached no blame to anyone and was playing on. I didn’t even stop. All I hear from behind me is “I didn’t touch you, that was your fault anyway, you fouled me”. “I didn’t say anything!” “So what did I do?” “You just caught me like I did you before, it just hurt”.

Some things just happen.

Anyway. He went out, presumably to look for some food. I put some loud music on and just as he got in I went out for a drive. Put the Goo Goo Dolls on and went on my favourite route into Hightown round the winding roads. Dizzy Up the Girl is such a great driving album when you’re a bit emotional. I missed a couple of turns cause I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go. Tesco was a possibility before I realised today was a back holiday still. I was stuck behind a slow car and the cars behind were getting impatient. I wouldn’t say I fancy myself as a writer but when I feel the need I write things down and would like to be able to make my writings into a song. I came up some with great stuff while I was out! Maybe one day…

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