Off to Milan

Just in case I have any regular readers (ha!) who may be upset if I don’t write anything over the next two days, I’m off to Milan tomorrow morning with work. My flight is at 0715, which means I have to be at the airport at 0615, which means I have to leave home at 0510, which means I have to be up at about 0400. I normally need about 8 hours sleep, which means I’ll have to be in bed for about 8pm tonight especially since I’m really tired anyway.

It’s going to be a busy two days, and two days which I’m not going to find particularly easy. Despite having time off I’m still really tired. I don’t know if it’s something to do with the time of year, my diet, how much sunlight I’m getting or whatever, or just that this is my “100% feeling”, but I never quite feel up for anything at the moment. I vaguely remember being energetic at some stage in the distant past. So having such a long working day covering around 800 miles just to get to my first meeting in a foreign country after a 4am start… I think my brain is just going to go into meltdown!

I’m wearing cufflinks for the first time ever today. Sometimes I look down and think they look quite good. The rest of the time they just clink on the desk and make my cuffs look too big seeing as I’m not of the largest build anyway.

I don’t think my shoes are going to be happy until they’ve eaten their way to my bone either. I’ve had a pair of shoes for ages. I can’t remember when I got them and I know must have had other pairs but I can’t remember them. These favourite shoes are getting a bit worn out so I bought a new pair last year around March time. They were fairly cheap but looked OK just for work. They lasted a day cause they hurt so much and I went back to the other pair. Then this Christmas I noticed the heels wearing out on them so thought that in the sales I would get a new pair. Now this pair are eating in to the back of my feet like nobody’s business. But I’m going to stick with them for a bit and see if I can wear them in otherwise when I eventually find a new pair that’s confortable they will have cost me an absolute fortune.

I’m off to learn some Italian. Like “Hello”, “Goodbye” and “Thank you” at least.

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