Today has been a bit easier, back to the normal quantities of work load and the normal types of work too. It was strange yesterday. While I was doing the data entry no-one was willing to help. They did, but it was a problem. Then I sent off all the data once it was complete and let the relevant people know what was happening. All of a sudden I was getting e-mails and calls from people wanting to cooperate. I didn’t want to say that they were too late, but then it will be useful to cover the fallout from it given some information I dug up this morning.

Can’t wait to finish work today. We’re “celebrating” Burns Night at Isla’s later and then I’m off work tomorrow, partly for my grandmother’s birthday and partly cause I’m going to see Katie Melua play at the MEN tomorrow night.

I don’t even know what Burns Night is for. I know it’s Scottish but no more than that!

My grandmother hasn’t been well since New Year so we don’t think she’ll be fit to go out to lunch as usual on her birthday. I was going to try to organise getting some nice food round to her house but apparently she doesn’t want much more than tomato soup anyway at the moment, so I’ll take a trip to the Company Shop after I finish. Not exactly what I was planning but if that’s what she wants then I guess it’ll do.

I’m still a bit concerned about someone with as small a voice as Katie Melua’s playing an arena, but apparently they kind of make it like a theatre so it should be OK. I’ve never been to a show like this – the ones I’ve been to before were kind of big, brash and loud! It’ll be an experience. And Rachel from work is going too apparently.

I’ve had a cool idea for a website design too so I can’t wait to get the chance to actually try to build it. I started the blend last night. In fact I finished the blend, come to think of it, just want to put some textures and brushes on it now and then get it running into the background. Then build all the buttons and work out how to get it all together. Should be quite cool. Probably rather too image intensive but if I can restrict it to, say, half a meg and maybe whack a pre-loader on it too. With the number of people who probably look at my site anyway and the increased numbers of people with broadband it should be OK.

Cause I started making a new layout a while ago I’m thinking that I may start zipping them up and putting them somewhere for people to use once I’ve finished with them.

Anyway, I’ll do that tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it already!

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