Don’t you just hate work?!?! There must be other things to do that work for a living!

Anyway. Might as well start with Thursday night. Was a good night. I don’t get haggis all that often so it made a nice change. I couldn’t believe it was nearly midnight before I left! I checked the time at about 9.30 and then thought I should check again later on, but didn’t realise it would be that late!

I went into Southport early Friday with Mum to find my grandmother a birthday present. I ended up just getting her a box of chocolates to supplement the tomato soup from work, which made me feel really stingy. She said she didn’t want anything though and it was really hard to find anything. We got lunch from the chippie and went round (well, I walked across the road!) to eat it with her so in that sense I suppose she got what she wanted.

I then spent the afternoon building this website I was going on about. It’s worked out quite well actually cause I had some more ideas as I was going through building the layout. Unfortunately I’m still lacking a bit in the graphics department so I can’t be really “arty”. It looks OK though and the effects work very well. I’m just debating a few things now before I get it online. My current host doesn’t have pHp installed and I don’t think they’ll let me put it on, if I could actually work out how. Without pHp I’d have to use iFrames and they can be a real pain if people are using the site offline or have visited via a search engine link. I can get a hosting package for £14.99 a year which ain’t here or there, but it’ll also cost £25 to transfer the domain. I guess that isn’t much either really, but still. The other option, of course, would be to keep the domain on my current host and get a new domain and hosting package on the one with pHp. Then simply link the index on my current domain to a page in the new one. That could work. Hmm… I could use another domain too come to think of it.

OK, I’ll stop waffling about that! Katie Melua was brilliant! I was worried about her not being able to put on a show but I shouldn’t have been. For such a small voice her sound guys did a great job cause she completely filled the arena (albeit they were only using half). She sings with this rather painful expression on her face but then she turns round and smiles and looks completely different. I realise I’ve probably gone on a lot about the looks of the fairer sex in recently, but I’m only trying to provide honest appraisals! The people that I have commented on are usually pretty / good looking rather than sexy in the strictest sense of the word. They’re people where you go “She looks amazing” rather than simply “Yeah, I’d do her!” if you know what I mean!

And at one stage she even looked at me!

I lost track of the set list. They played a lot of songs off the albums and did a few covers too – “Fancy” by Bobby Gentry, “Lucy in the Sky” by The Beatles and “19th Nervous Breakdown” from the Rolling Stones. She finished with some up tempo numbers off her albums that, live, would have turned it into a pop concert were it not for the fact she doesn’t have a pop voice, and the songs were all the better for it. But it is the ballads where Katie really excels. The guy behind me somewhat ruined “Belfast” cause it was, so he kept saying, his favourite song, and so tried to sing all the way through it. He also spoke about his visit to the tiolet for ten minutes as well half way through. And as soon as the last note of “Closest Thing to Crazy” had been played he was already shouting “more!”. But he was shouting it like an order! The ballads though, I was saying, are awesome, and it’s Katie’s voice that makes them. No-one else could do it. The last song of the night was a haunting, makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up rendition of “Faraway Voice”, her tibute to Ella Fitzgerald. The delivery was spot on and reminded me somewhat of “Good Riddance” at the end of the Green Day concert I went to. Billie Joe stood with his electric guitar with an authority that Katie managed just sitting on the stage with her acoustic. They’re both simple songs, albeit of different tempo, but delivered with such understanding and understatement that at the end you just have to hold up your hands and go “Well done – amazing!”. There are just no other words.

To be honest, thinking about it now, it does kind of pale U2’s “Vertigo”. It’s a good song, great even, to play loud, but it lacked something in finishing a concert off. Possibly cause it started it too, but… Maybe I’m being unfair cause that concert annoyed me. But I’ve walked away from The Calling after “Our Lives” and “Wherever You Will Go” buzzing, ditto the Rasmus after “In the Shadows” and even “Funeral Song”. Evanescence weren’t that great live but “Bring Me To Life” was the exeception. I can’t remember what Rooster played last but that was a strange kind of gig anyway, literally just going to a club and seeing a band play. “Vertigo” just lacked it for me at that time.

The weekend just really came and went. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Felt my archery form improving. I knew when the bad shots were creeping up and I new what to do about them, just couldn’t do it all afternoon! Equally, I knew when there were good shots too. I just need to work harder on it. Ordered two knew pressure buttons and a chest guard to match our club colours so maybe I’ll do some tuning of sorts at the weekend as I think that may be a factor too.

I’ve been trying to rehydrate myself today. I don’t drink enough. My hair is looking worse for wear (maybe it just needs cutting bit it’s only been a month since my last cut) and I think some of my tiredness / laziness is down to not drinking enough. So I’m making an effort to start drinking enough. Of course there’s consequences to that, so until next time…

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