Guess what? This “drinking enough water” thing really works!

I can’t say I’m absolutely refreshed cause I can’t really do six and a half hours sleep and then have to go to work (I’m getting old!), but I do feel more tired than fatigued, if there’s any difference. Normally I just can’t be bothered doing something cause I’d rather sleep, but at the moment I can force myself to do it. My concentration span still isn’t overly high, but then that’s nothing new.

Badminton was weird last night. I only play for fun anyway but felt that I was doing quite well last night. Yet I was only on the winning side once. The first game I played with Isla and we lost 21-18 or something and we only won one point on my serve. And that point was an ace, if that’s what they’re called in badminton. I thought Nig and Dave were being a bit unfair by lofting every service return to Isla’s backhand which, like all of us pretty much, she struggles with a bit. The second game I was with my brother and he was his typical self in that he’d hit an absolute sitter of a smash at his own feet if he actually managed to make contact or he’d chip a diagonal from the back corner of the court just clipping the net as it went over. He’s so infuriating when he does that! Then I got on Nig’s team and I eventually won one.

I think I was feeling the cold a bit last night though too. I don’t normally warm up properly for doubles as it’s not too strenuous at our level. But last night after a few extravagant reaches for shuttlecocks some muscles in my legs were beginning to feel a bit stressed! Nothing a bath when I got home didn’t cure anyway but I’ll use it as a warning.

I’ve been really enjoying my guitar over the last week and a bit, just learning little solos and simple tabs. I’ve tried everything from Guns and Roses to Enrique since last Friday! Unfortunately I’ve been sacrificing sleep to practice! I’ve just finished the letter cancelling my gym membership so by March I should have more time, and more money!

Speaking of the gym, I guess I should drag myself off there tonight. There’s something to look forward to. It’s gone a bit strange cause when I first joined there’d only ever be three or four people there at the weekend and a few more at nights. Now it’s full though, and it’s not just people trying to lose weight after Christmas either. There are some of those too (the treadmills and rowing machines are normally full) but there are loads of blokes wearing vests doing the free weights I should be doing. I dislike free weights at the best of times and I’m not built to be bulky so I kind of feel strange going with a puny little weight and standing there in front of the mirror trying to lift it while these guys are virtually strapping weights together to get more resistance. I do the machines and some running and then go. Safe to say the motivation has ebbed away!

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