I Hate Chelsea

Hate Chelsea. I really do. You just look at their players and there’s nothing likable about them. They’re a bit like skate boarders. You have nothing against them, but they go round saying how much everyone hates them, and in the end, you do.

I disliked United when they were winning everything. I do still dislike them. But that was out of jealousy cause I’d rather it was Liverpool. With Chelsea it’s not jealousy, cause I would simply hate to have to support them. I think that is the only feeling that outweighs my dislike of them – the joy that I don’t support them. They have no redeeming quality. If it’s not their dire way of playing football, then it’s the whining every time a decision goes against them. If it’s not that, it’s Ricardo Carvalho’s blatant cheating. If it’s not him, it’s one of their other players falling to the floor at the merest of touches. It’s no wonder their pitch is so bad with the force and regularity with which their players keep falling to it.

The only word you can use to describe that is “positive” is that they are efficient. They don’t play nice football. They are in no way entertaining. They have no style. The football is simply a way to make money for the business.

The match today… Chelsea had ten minutes of possession and did nothing. Carvalho swings an elbow at Harry Kewell at a Liverpool corner in an attempt to injure the Liverpool player, making contact with Harry’s face, but the ref sees is at as a coming together and has a word with both of them. Liverpool dominate for 30 minutes but Chelsea score thanks to a Liverpool mistake. Chelsea grab another by playing a long ball to the front man and winning the second one. Reina gets sent off cause Robben is a cheat.

I hate Chelsea.

Anyway, I’ve been having some weird dreams lately. The first was that I was in a boat the was about the size of a small ferry, the type you might get in the Lake District for pleasure rides. We were sailing just off New York. There was a report of two whales moving from salt water to fresh water, a killer whale and a blue whale, and they were approaching the boat. The captain heard this and when we opened a door the whales were right outside. (Yes, we opened a door underwater and the whales were there. Maybe there was strong glass or something the other side of the door!) The captain turned sharp to the right to try to avoid them but couldn’t and with some help from the whales some water came rushing in (even though we were still floating!) and the boat capsised. Myself and a colleague from work ran out a door to the right and jumped into the sea as the water came flooding into the boat before it turned over. Then I was swimming about and there were two girls that I used to go to school with in the water, but they looked kind of prepared for swimming. One held my hand and was commenting about my hand and the calluses on my fingers from playing guitar. Then I woke up. I tried to translate it but my dream dictionary didn’t have enough info in it.

The second one was about an auction. It seemed to go on for ages but was just really repetitive and was just literally an auction with me and other people bidding for things. I don’t even know what the things were but I wasn’t successful with any of them.

Nige booked this holiday for us all to go on, but I don’t think I’ll go. I don’t think I’d enjoy it that much and it would be a week’s worth of holidays I could take some other time.

Work has been mental. Too much data to sort. Seems like 101 different people generating 101 different reports that are only slightly different, but just enough for them to be too awkward to compare. Finally got through that, but the result of this flood of reports that haven’t been run properly is that we now have so much duplicated data floating about that it’s going to take me at least three solid days to sort it all out.

I’m starting my rationalisation job now anyway but I still have a backlog of things to get finished. I’m working with an Aussie girl called Louise, who is always in a good mood. She’s a bit loud too! A problem I’m having at the moment is that she wants tracking documents for everything and they’re going to take me ages to set up. The reports are easy enough to run, but then adding extra info to them is time consuming and boring.

My Powerball arrived and it’s great! Highly recommended to everyone! I got my record last night of 10561rpm and I was so out of breathe! It’s amazing just how much of a workout it provides considering it’s just a gyroscope in a plastic ball.

And I promised myself an early night…

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