Fire Alarm

Urgh, the fire alarm is going off. It’s going off intermittently though, which means I don’t have to evacuate the building and get away from the noise. I just walked past one of the alarms in the corridor and my ears are still ringing.

I’ve been on my own today in work and it’s been fairly quiet. A few Viper issues have cropped up which I’ve kind of dealt with. One of them I couldn’t fix but I sent it to someone who probably can. Working life really is a place where you are defined by the responsibility you take. I just get the impression that doing a big task ways more than doing tasks of half the size, rightly or wrongly. I like taking responsibility cause when you do that and do something good then you get the praise. Obviously if you do bad then it’s your fault and that’s the gamble you take. But sometimes it’s nice to just pass it on.

I couldn’t get to sleep last night. Our heating was on and the whole house was creaking, plus I have the ambient hum of the boiler ringing round my room. David leaves the heating on but most of the radiators off at night so it’s warm in the morning. Since we’ve had various power cuts and daylight saving changes since we boxed the boiler controls into a cupboard and so can’t see it properly, the timer hasn’t been overly useful. It was one of those vicious circles last night though. I was annoyed cause of the noise and my annoyance wasn’t helping, which was making me more annoyed. And I had things going round my head too – Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day”, what would be happening if I’d applied for the job in HR and various other random things including Katie Melua and her double at work. I eventually got to sleep and dreamt about my teeth falling out. It was my back tooth on the top left side was falling out, the second back teeth on both sides on the bottom had holes round them and one of my front teeth on the bottom was also loose. I know I’ve read that in the dream dictionary before so I may have to look it up. I think I must have been grinding me teeth while I was dreaming it too, cause I can remember feeling things…

I had my hair cut on Friday. Fairly pleased with the result, although the fact I supposedly need £120 straighteners and a tiny tub of gunk costing £9 a time to keep it in top shape means that it probably won’t look that way again.

Saturday was taken up by watching the match and then going to archery late to speak to an interested beginner (another John!), who was very shy. We’re going to have to get that out of him! Sunday was wasted by me only waking up at 12.30pm. I started building the Scarisbrick Village Hall website (again, after about three false starts and lots of wasted graphics before I’ve found something I like), cleaned out my archery box, thinking that I actually wanted to shoot properly again for the first time in a while and putting off my plans to learn to ski until the lessons go cheaper. So now I have to work out when to have my two weeks’ remaining holiday considering that there’s nothing to plan into the time between now and April.

I was going to go away somewhere but so far the inclination to go back to Milan has faded, possibly because of cost. I don’t seem to be able to save much at the moment, but then I don’t think I’m spending too much either. I’ll keep track of my expenses this week to work out where it’s going. I’m still sitting on the best part of £140 cause I can return those sample club shirts and claim on my work health insurance for my glasses, so that should make it a bit better. And I’m still owed some money too. I’ve hardly spent big since Christmas so maybe I’m just imagining it. I guess I also dislike spending money and I’m happier with having the money in the bank rather than tied up in a new pair of jeans.

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