Fashionable Injury

Had an interesting night at badminton on Monday night – I got myself a fashionable injury! I pulled my hamstring! Well, although it was sore still yesterday it’s feeling a lot better today. I’ve never had something like that before. I broke my collar bone once and had a sore groin after playing footy for three and a half hours on a hard pitch in temperatures just above freezing a few years ago. Next for the broken metatarsal!

I played my first two games without a proper warm up. I don’t normally warm up properly for badminton but rather start of slow, which I did on Monday. I beat Isla and then lost to Nige 10-8 after being 8-7 up. I then went off while those two played each other and felt my hamstring was a bit tight. I tried to stretch it off and assumed that when I played again it would go. So I played again and could still feel it. I went one for shot and felt a sharp pain in the back of my knee. Then I played Nige and went to lunge forward and felt a sharp pain all the way up the back of my leg so decided that that was enough.

I’d been putting a lot of pressure on my right leg that night by doing things slightly differently so it was probably down to that. As I said, it feels better today but I might just give football a miss tonight to rest it a bit more.

I got offered a ticket for the match last night so I went to see Liverpool v Arsenal, which we won 1-0 despite Gerrard missing a penalty on the half hour. Luis Garcia came on in the 84th minute and netted the winner in the 87th knocking in the rebound after Lehmann couldn’t hold on to a shot from Hamann (another substitute). Was good, I enjoyed it. We’d been offered one ticket as someone we knew couldn’t go on his season ticket, so my brother took that. Then I got a call on my home and my cousin couldn’t go either, so I had his.

We got very wet on the walk back to the car, but still, you can always dry off!

Didn’t feel like getting up this morning though! I got into work and got a coffee out the machine, brought it back to my desk and added more instant coffee to it, which seems to be doing the job. Now I’m just drinking as much as I can of anything! Because of the short notice for going last night I was rushing round like an idiot to get stuff done before I went so I had 7 jaffa cakes for tea. Great. Really had the munchies when I got in but tried to refrain from eating too much so that I could sleep! Now though I’m absolutely starving. How long till lunch? About 1 hour 49 minutes unfortunately.

I looked up what my dream meant. My dream dictionary says dreaming about teeth is to do with “aggressive sexuality”. Kinky. Losing teeth is about reaching a type of maturity. T’internet says losing teeth is to do with assimilating power since food in dreams represents knowledge and you use your teeth to chew it. Hmm.

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