Strange Dreams

I’ve been having more strange dreams recently. I accept that they are weird before I start, but it’s something to talk about isn’t it!?!?

First one involved myself and three other people I know, who I’ll call X, Y and Z as well as random other people I went to school with. I remember quite a lot of detail about this one even though it seems to jump about a bit. It started off in a place with lots of waterfalls, but then I moved inside to a place that looked like where we shoot inside, but turned out to be the gym at school. There were people playing handball inside and X, wearing a pink t-shirt was one of them, although X couldn’t pick the ball up. Then my team played. I went in goal which is nothing new considering that was my position when I played football at school. The mats were set up like they were when we played footy inside. X sat behind me on the stage commentating. I made a few saves – one with my feet and one where I had to stretch really high, just clipped the ball and grabbed it as it rolled across the goal. Then I set up an attack where someone scored using his or her feet rather than hands.

I think we won the game given that we scored and the opposition didn’t. That was the first bit of the dream. Then the second bit was that there was a big crowd of us all sat in the corner of the gym by the bit where all the equipment was stored. I was sat next to Y (who is a famous musician) who was playing acoustic guitar and singing. I was also trying to play an acoustic guitar but couldn’t keep up. Once we had finished all of us tried to cram into a smaller room I can’t really identify. It was either the small storeroom or the PE teachers’ office. I started speaking to Y who said she (yes, OK, she) was from Warrington, although in real life she’s from a lot further afield than that. (And before anyone says anything, no, she’s not from Australia!). I think it was one of Y’s guitars that I had been playing and I was trying to put it in it’s guitar bag but couldn’t cause there were too many people there trying to get out. Get out of what I don’t really know cause I think it was the gym in general rather than the small room, which wasn’t possible when I was at school.

Third bit. I was in the changing room at school. My coat had lots of mud on it in big circles – one on the back and one on each side of the front. I was in a nark about it and kept on saying that they must have done it to my football shirt too (I think I was referring to my European Liverpool one of this season) but the shirt wasn’t there. I know I was getting flustered that I’d lost it and I was rushing in and out trying to find it. I saw Y in the corridor and when I went back I asked her if she wanted to go for a drink some time. See now why I had to say she was a she earlier!?!? She didn’t say anything and when I went back into the changing room Z just laughed that I’d even asked.

I went outside into a type of cavern, which was back where the waterfalls were. It was dark but you could see out the far end. It felt very claustrophobic too. There was a car in there, which I think was a dark blue Ford Sierra, probably something like B or C reg. I remember opening the bonnet and that was it.

So that was the first dream. I’ve had other dreams about school and those particular areas of school like that corridor and the gym and the rooms around it before, and the normally include playing football too come to think of it.

The second dream was the day after. I parked a car on a multi-storey car park. OK, only one storey high, but I was on the top one. I think it was probably on the site of the Beaufort Hotel near where I live come to think of it now and it reminds me of the one at Asda a few miles from work.. The road off kind of bent round and down and will have run the same direction as my road, but when I walked off it looked like I was at some docks. It was a very nice day. I went into a shop, but by now the scenery had changed. I was in quite a busy village, but it was only a village. The buildings were really big and they were made of wood like those stereotypical ones you’d expect to see in the Swiss Alps. When I say they were big, they were really big. I was in the village square, which was in the format of Williamson Square in Liverpool in the streets that went off it. I’d be entering in between the theatre and the Liverpool club shop.

There were lots of hills covered in grass, some of which was quite long, and a forest in the background on top of a hill. It was slightly windy and the sun was out. If you think of the most picturesque hilly landscape your mind will think up, then this is it.

I went into this cake shop which was so big that you had to go up a ramp to get in. As far as Williamson Square is concerned, this shop was the other side of the square, opposite the club shop. I asked for profiterole but it wasn’t that, it was kind of a cone lying on it’s side, chocolate around the open bit and filled with cream which was in a type of honeycombed pattern, as if the cream was in spherical blobs all stuck together. I only wanted one but was told I could have three for the same price. I think that was because they had loads of them and wanted to get rid. For some reason though, I left them in the shop till later, possibly cause I didn’t want to carry them round with me incase they ruined. Someone, whether it be my Mum or brother rang me up asking for something, can’t remember what it was. I also had to go meet my brother up by the car park, but again, it’s a detail I can’t really remember.

I went back into the cake shop a few times but it was as if it was closed. I remember getting in a mood (in really life I very rarely have a proper benny!) that I couldn’t get my cakes that were wrapped up in really fine paper, a bit like grease proof paper. I could see them behind the display cabinet though.

I remember seeing myself a few times, and in a dream it’s quite rare to actually be looking at yourself. I was wearing a white suit, white shirt and a bright, pure red tie. I was getting stressed I couldn’t get these cakes for my wedding! I was getting more stressed and shouting at people that I couldn’t get married cause of having to leave the cake shop for someone and now I couldn’t get my cakes. I remember that the more stressed I was getting the worse I was looking. The last time I saw myself my suit jacket was unbuttoned and shirt hanging out.

I was wandering about in the open by now, on the hillside. Where this was in relation to the village I don’t know. In the distance I could see a load of chairs set up in two blocks with an aisle down the middle of them. There were loads of people about but they were largely insignificant and just wandering, although I think I knew them. They were all kind of dark, shadowy figures. I think my “bride to be” was also there somewhere but I never saw her and that was more of a minor detail.

I stumbled across this thing in a hole that was grown over with grass. It was a metal cross but, if you were to lay it on a table, it would have another metal bar running straight through the middle of it through the table. The bars of metal were rounded and possibly 15mm to 2cm in diameter. The bars making up the structure were somewhere between 30 and 50cm long. It was nicely weighty (not too heavy, not too light) and was rusty. There were quite a few knocking around it turns out. Someone told me that they were bombs and then there was a lot of panic. I remember then thinking that they were mines. I threw one and it exploded in mid air. Then I woke up.

Weird aren’t I!?!?

Anyway. Work on Friday was bedlam, with people wanting things and then not wanting things and others trying to help but couldn’t and those that could wouldn’t. It was one of those days! I can’t actually remember doing anything at all on Friday night! I think I restrung my guitar and now nothing sounds right!

Someone came round and very kindly fixed our boiler on the cheap on Saturday morning. It was a fantastic morning – a bit cold but really bright and sunny. I then watched the match which was equally good. Beating United is always pleasing, but when you knock them out of the Cup for the first time in 85 years without giving them a look in it’s even better! Crouch settled it with a 19th minute header, but that doesn’t tell the entire story. United were absolutely dwarfed by Liverpool’s superiority. Hamann and Sissoko where imperious in midfield. Darren Fletcher and Kieran Richardson were shown up in the same way that they would embarrass the team I play for / with if they ever got the chance.

Alan Smith’s injury was horrible though. Safe to say I could have diagnosed the dislocated ankle had I seen it, although maybe not the broken leg that accompanied it. How he could wave at the fans as he was carried off and not role around screaming I don’t know. Although he’s a Manc, I wish him all the best in his recovery.

I went to archery and we went out with Isla for tea and to watch Aeonflux at the cinema. That was really the only decent film that was on. My brother was refused service in the pub as he had no ID and she said he looked under 21. So I went and got the round in. She said that they were under contract to ask for ID, yet she never asked me. She asked David if he understood what a contract was. How he didn’t say something back I don’t know. I went up and the first thing she said was sorry for not serving and explained she had to ask. I said I understood “But when you’re 22 it gets a bit tedious”. She said she was 23 and always got ID’d. “So you’ll know how much of a pain it is then”. The thing is, she knew I’d be giving David a pint. Yet the Licensing Act, as displayed at the bar, prohibits you from buying alcohol for consumption by someone under the age of 18. If she wouldn’t serve David cause of his age, she shouldn’t have served me on his behalf either. It’s a point we wished we’d have questioned. The problem is that these people are so blinkered by the fact they have to ask for ID as proof of age with a 21 year threshold that they completely forget that the Law gives and 18 year limit. Some people don’t use their heads. Yes, maybe if they had to say whether David (or myself for that matter on numerous occasions) were over 21 they might struggle, but given an extra three years either way it would be easy. We’re now just wondering what right we have to ask for proof of age of the person serving us.

The film was good. It was complicated to get going. It turned out to be about human cloning and the ethics of doing it, which I thought made it quite interesting so I enjoyed it. I always enjoy films you have to think about though as long as the story doesn’t completely kill you first.

I did some things I needed to do on the internet first thing Sunday and did some gardening in the afternoon.

My boss hasn’t been at work today and yesterday and I’ve got loads done. Was hit a bit hard yesterday morning when the first e-mail I read had mine attached to it copied to lots of high up people complaining and rather patronising in its tone. There’s ways and means and every time I come across the person in question he speaks down to me. I’ve had my iPod at work so I’ve been able to batter the monotonous, repetitive stuff without getting too bored. I always work better when listening to music.

Guess I’d better do some more now after this waffle!

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