New Year Round Up Part 2

Something I didn’t mention on New Year was the fact that, despite only getting in about 4am, myself and my brother went to game against Bolton at 12.45. That means that getting up quite early. It really is a stupid time for a football match. It was a good 3-0 win, so it wasn’t quite so bad!

I enjoyed that week off. I think you really need to take the day after New Year off – it should be Bank Holiday. I just pottered about about as I do with most of my time off. I went to Ikea on Wednesday and the driving range with Matt on Thursday. I went for an eye test on Friday cause I thought my sight was getting worse. It wasn’t. I’ve been to get some new glasses. I’ve had them for two years and if I didn’t get some new ones it would have been two more at least.

Nige organised going to the pub for tea on Friday night. He suggested getting there for 5.30 which is impossible considering that my brother only leaves work in Manchester at that time. He then said him and Isla would get there for 6.30 and we could join when we could. I can’t remember what time we got there but the waitresses were all going home and were scowling at us and making gestures behind our backs which my brother saw making her go bright red. Nige et al were all sat in a secluded area and they moved a chair across the entrance to that bit when we went to go get a drink. We struggled round out and on the way out made comments in ear shot. We decided that rather than get a half-assed attempt at food we’d go to another pub.

Despite getting a splashing with red wine it was good. We were talking about the hanging of Saddam, amongst other things like sparkly earrings. I believe that was a fair fate. Maybe not by hanging. I’m basing my decision on an assumption that the accusations of genocide and inhumanity against him were true. I also don’t believe in the “eye for an eye” argument either per se. I believe in the Law being a mechanism for balancing the liberties and rights of people, animals and their property. Law is the scales, justice is the weights. In doing what he was accused of doing, Saddam took away the rights of thousands of people in some of the most brutal ways imaginable. To redress the balance, in my opinion, what other punishment could be provided? It is surely not possible to say that a man accused of such atrocities could be reformed.

Looking at the bigger picture though, maybe there was something better than could have been done. After all, seeing the mess in Iraq at the moment, he appears to be the only man to keep control of such a volatile area. I think the threat of retribution should have been taken into account.

Saturday we went to the FA Cup game against Arsenal that we lost 1-3, although it wasn’t a 1-3 game. It was Truth Day at Anfield which was an amazing atmosphere. Shame about the defeat. Guess it wasn’t as bad as the 3-6 drubbing three days later by the same team. I was a meeting when all the text alerts were coming through. Embarrassing.

This week at work has been minging. I think with it being Christmas and having the two weeks off I’d kind of got used to it. I’d enjoyed being able to go out with friends when I wanted to. I really disliked work last week. It’s even worse when you’ve been off. When you’re there regularly you put up with it and get on with it.

I want to do some more education, but I think it’s still a luxury thing cause I’d more like to do a subject out of interest only. Although I would be interested in doing a Masters. For some reason I’ve just decided that I’d like to become an LLM. I wonder if work would give me some time to do it.

For some reason I was a bit depressed today. I don’t really know why. It may have had something to do with tiredness as our poker game last night lasted a bit longer than usual. But, I don’t know, maybe it’s something to do with work. I still don’t know what I want to do properly but I’m picking up more things the longer I work properly. I think I’m even beginning to dislike being in an office. Maybe that’s why I like being on holiday so much, cause I can stay at home but go to different places when I want. I’m in a comfortable environment whenever I want to be. I used to want to do something creative, design wise. I still enjoy that type of thing but maybe creativity can come in different guises. I just have to find out what I can do from the position I’m in I suppose.

Maybe I just don’t like doing things I don’t want to do.

I think I’m going have to start doing some exercise too, although gyms are still very expensive really. I could do with somewhere like JJB or Hurlston Hall doing casual memberships. I would like to start getting fit.

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