Windy Desires

It’s been a bit of a frustrating week this week. Or at least it started that way. I know it’s bad when I have to file and bulk e-mail things for my direct colleague. It wasn’t his fault – his computer had decided it didn’t fancy it and Helpdesk were being their usual unhelpful selves. But when I have to spend over an hour saving attachments from e-mails and then e-mailing them out with bits added it starts to get a bit annoying.

Wednesday I went to Kendal with my boss, and that was frustrating too because of internal business politics about who should do what.

I followed a van to work. It was a Citroen Berlingo “Desire”. There hasn’t been a less appropriate name for a vehicle since the Nissan Sunny. How can you possibly want one of those so badly?

Obviously on Thursday we had the very strong wind. Obviously they weren’t normal weather conditions, but I’d have thought the country would be able to cope better with it than it did. I left work at 16.30 and got home at 18.45. My brother got in sometime between 10 and 11pm. The whole transport network was grinding to a halt.

I saw this on the BBC website, and shouldn’t make light off it I suppose, but thought this was quite funny.

Yes, the sign on the tree blocking the entire road says “Police Slow”. Because if you go slowly you can get over it!?!?

Friday at the pub was funny. The blonde waitress was working again and just the way she says “tartare” and “thank you” made me laugh. She’s very girly and speaks like it, as well as curling her hair round her finger while she talks to you. You know when someone has something on their face and you can’t stop looking? I had to stop myself looking at her when she was speaking cause I thought I’d just laugh.

Yesterday’s football result was great – Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0. Chelsea weren’t full strength but you can only beat what’s in front of you and Liverpool made it look easy.

I was at the JJB Stadium to see Everton beat Wigan 2-0 in what’s probably the crappest match I’ve actually been to. It was dire. And cold. We had the corporate hospitality courtesy of work which made it OK, but the match really was shocking. The worst bit really is that even though both sides were rubbish, one of them got three points out of it!

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