Delivering to a Haven in the Deep Forest

Urgh, delivery companies are really annoying. They couldn’t deliver a parcel to me when they were supposed to cause the address doesn’t have a house number. It has a name though. When I rang up to complain they said the guy couldn’t ring to ask for directions cause he didn’t have a number. I asked if it was too hard for the guy to get out his van to ask for directions, or even try to deliver the parcel to be told he was at the wrong address. Honestly, a bit of initiative…

I’ve purchased a few good albums recently. Can highly recommend Duke Special‘s Songs from the Deep Forest for what I’d call, rather boringly, nice songs. I’ll leave it to HMV to sum up:

The talented Belfast born singer songwriter uses a variety of imaginative instruments to bring music hall to the 21st century on latest album, “Songs From The Deep Forest”.

A beautifully crafted debut, which collects gravity-defying songs of extraordinary grace and guile. Freewheel, with heartbreaking falsetto flurries, is the song Neil Finn always wanted to write – ****


The way his songs swell at their climax brings to mind the pop drama of Keane.


And then there’s the fantastic All for a Reason by Haven. Again, over to HMV:

The follow-up to the phenomenally successful ‘Between The Senses’ is another blast of soulful indie from the brilliant Haven. ‘All For A Reason’ was produced by the legendary Johnny Marr and the Manic Street Preachers’ knob-twiddler Dave Eringa and is a tremendous leap forward from their debut.

The album kicks off with the brilliant harmonies of ‘Change Direction’ before delving into Travis territory with ‘Have No Fear’ – containing a sky-scraping chorus and guitars that positively sparkle. Elsewhere the single ‘Wouldn’t Change A Thing’ is a match for anything on the Snow Patrol album and closer ‘Getaway’ contains a riff that will have had Marr salivating.

‘All For A Reason’ is the sound of a band about to hit the big time – miraculous, breathtaking and inspired.

People will love Haven as passionately as they do The Smiths and The Stone Roses.


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