Racism on Big Brother

Decided to wade in to the Big Brother race row a bit late. Yes, some of the comments were possibly racist in my opinion – they wouldn’t have been made had Shilpa not have been Indian.

But I think Jade just showed the fact that she ain’t too bright and Jo O’Meara and Danielle Lloyd were just a bit childish. No excuses, but I think they found Shilpa Shetty initimidating.

I found two things quite interesting though. If things were slightly different, and other people in the house had made insults relating to the background of the other housemates (such as Danielle being from Liverpool), would there have been the same uproar?

Second thing is the birth and death of Jade Goody as a celebrity. She is famous for being who she is, rather than what she can do. Let’s face it, she didn’t even win the normal Big Brother she was in. From a bloke’s point of view, all I know of her is that she isn’t very clever, she had a boyfriend she left (after having a kid with?) and she’s got enough weight to be able to release “Look how much I’ve lost” keep fit videos every year. She doesn’t have a talent which got her to where she is.

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