The Coat (Part 1)

All entries kind of seem a tad insignificant after the last one.

I went to the Trafford Centre today to try to get a coat and some new shoes for the funeral tomorrow. The shoes were easy. I have certain brands that I like. If I need football boots or trainers, and I’ll look at the Adidas ones. If I want a pair of glasses or sunglasses, it has to be Oakley. For casual shirts I’ll go to River Island. I wouldn’t call it brand loyalty as such, just that when you know you can get something you know will be good for you then you stick with it. I know that I like Skechers shoes – they look good and they’re comfy and appear to last OK. I’d a few pairs of shoes from other brands and they weren’t too good. I went to Skechers, saw the pair I liked, tried them on and got them.

I normally have a problem that I tend to like the most expensive thing out of a variety. And don’t get me wrong here – I don’t buy designer things for the sake of having designer things. If I’d have seen another pair of glasses the same shape as the ones I had but without the ovals on the frames, I’d have got the non-designer ones. But place a selection of things in front of me, jackets for example, and I’ll be able to tell you which one I like. No doubt, it’ll be the most expensive one.

I was looking for an overcoat today. It’s a bit difficult cause my suit is 3/4 length, so I need to be precise in finding one to fit over it properly. The one I found that I liked was in the Hugo Boss shop. There was no price on it but the one next to it was reduced to over £300. Other overcoats I saw just paled in comparison but I couldn’t spend that much on something I wouldn’t wear very often.

Now, for a long time I’ve wanted a leather jacket. I just do. I’ve seen a few which I’ve liked but they haven’t quite been right, and these aren’t exactly cheap jackets at the best of times so I’ve left them. In the search for an overcoat I wandered into the Ralph Lauren part of Selfridges, and lo and behold, there is the perfect leather jacket I picture in my head as the one I want. I couldn’t see a price on this one but there was another a few shelves away that was £510. I really can’t justify that, but I looked at a few other leather jackets on the way out and none compare. Even my Mum admitted that. If I won enough money to pay for it I’d get it like a shot.

On another note, and I know I give these reviews quite a lot, but it’s well worth taking a listen to The Fray’s How To Save a Life album. They’re kind of a mixture between Keane and Goo Goo Dolls with other people likening them to Coldplay. They’re a pop-rock band but driven by piano. Quality.

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