Pleasure and Pain

We went to the Liverpool v Barcelona game which was awesome. I don’t want to duplicate the match reports I posted below.

We got to the game really early to the extent that the place was really empty. I was surprised by the number of Barcelona supporters walking to the stadium from a long way out. The atmosphere was awesome. I can’t remember if it was better than we beat them in the UEFA Cup a few years back, but I had a much more sore throat after this one.

Valdes was a moron. He had a few words with the Liverpool fans throughout the game and didn’t find it amusing when he went to get the ball out the Kop only for a beach ball to be returned to him.

Over all though the atmosphere between the fans was also incredible. The Barcelona fans sang along to You’ll Never Walk Alone and the Liverpool fans sang “Barca” at the end. It’s strange to think it was the second successive 1-0 home defeat after Liverpool outplaying the opposition.

At least Uncle George and Uncle Tom were there. Maybe that’ll tempt them to get their cheque books out.

We were supposed to be playing football today. I’d been really looking forward to it cause it’s been too long since I’ve played a proper 11 a side game. I’d been a bit tired in the week cause of going to the match and stuff so didn’t really want to go play on Wednesday, but seeing as there was a game I dragged myself up there. All was going OK. We won a corner which I went to take and miss hit, not helped by the fact that the ball was a bit flat. I felt a twinge in my knee but it was no more than you’d normally feel during a game. I started to see a bit of swelling on the side of my knee and then went for a tackle where someone leaned on my knee a bit and then the whole thing started to swell.

I limped over to first aid for advice as much as anything else cause it didn’t really hurt. She was really nice but was possibly a bit taken aback by the size of the swelling which looked worse when I stood up. I went to the hospital the next morning and they said I’d sprained my knee and not to play football for 2 to 3 weeks. I was absolutely gutted cause of how much I’ve wanted to play.

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