Dog Oil and Cold Turkey, Yes?

Found a brilliant cure / treatment for injured joints. It’s called Mason’s Dog Oil. While I don’t believe the reasoning provided by my colleague who recommended it that it “soaks into the bones”, it is quite a big coincidence that I woke up the first morning after I used it and actually had movement in my knee and the pain down the side of my knee had gone. Having said that, it is only rapeseed oil and petrolium jelly.

The latest on my knee (thanks for asking!) is that I can now walk properly but don’t have all the movement back yet. There’s still a bit of swelling that’s proving an annoyance but you know the most irritating thing? You know when you wake up in the morning and stretch? Well I can’t do that and I can’t tell you how annoying it is!

I was stressed yesterday at work – I was certainly ready to leave come 16:30. There’s a guy at work, yes? Who speaks very loudly on the phone, yes? A lot, yes? And ends all his sentences with “yes?”, yes? You know when you just want someone to stop talking? It was getting to me!

My word, anyone seen what Zoe Salmon is wearing on Comic Relief!?!?

Erm, back to work, yeah. Today I seemed to be flying. Not sure what it was but it was quite a good day actually. And then the computer broke again so I had a complain and went home.

I’m a bit concerned though. There has been Walnut Whips in Staff Sales recently, varying in quantity and price from 50 for £2 to 36 for 69p (but you’re only allowed 6 packs of 36 at a time). I’m currently satisfying a five a day habit. I’ve been trying to ween myself off them gently, but it’s hard. Really hard.

And seeing as it’s Comic Relief tonight, if you read this, please donate at Thank you.

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