Virginia Tech Massacre

This week has seen the killings of 32 students in America, and the cowardly suicide of the low life that did it. Obviously there’s only really one thing you can say about the incident itself before passing judgement, and that’s to send best wishes to all affected.

After every incident like this, one of the burning questions to be answered is how it was allowed to happen. One could believe that it is just one of those freak events that cannot be prevented, but there is now a precedence for things like this in America. The truth is that a kid with mental health problems has been allowed to purchase not one, but two handguns. It is quite simple that without a weapon, you cannot shoot people and yet this is a point that seems to be missed by the powers that be in America.

I can’t profess to know myself as I’m not an expert, but whatever the truth behind the constituational “right” of Americans to bare arms, it is clear that something must be done in gun licensing throughout that country. Looking at a statement, a law, a rule or a right by itself is not enough without the reasoning behind it. I’m sure when the US Constitution and Bill of Rights were drafted, this provision was not written to give depressed students the ability to kill their peers because they had different opinions and lifestyles to the gunman.

Nor should it be assumed, like was suggested by the a member of a self-defence organisation, that it would be a good idea for all students to carry guns so that something like this wouldn’t happen to the scale it has. Using the same logic, if no-one had a gun it wouldn’t have happened at all.

You can also talk about precautions that could have been taken on a personal level with Cho. Should have been made to have mental help? I’m not sure that it would have helped. His ramblings sent the NBC suggest he knew he didn’t need to do what he did, albeit also suggesting he was confused. He says “You forced me into a corner and gave me only one option”, before later saying that “I didn’t have to do this. I could have left. I could have fled. But no, I will no longer run”. He made the decision, and felt it was the right one. What could have changed that?

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