Chance Meetings and Sunburn

I can tell I’m not going to be good at writing titles for these…

Today I went into Southport.  Nothing unusual there.  I went to get the new Paramore album which Kerrang! said was out now. Or maybe July.

Anyway, walking down the road from where I parked the car and saw a friend’s parents. Walked a bit further and saw one of my colleagues. Bumped into an ex-girlfriend who didn’t recognise me in Superdrug. Crossed the road and passed an ex-PE teacher and started to walk back to the car and saw one of the good looking girls I went to school with, who is still very good looking.

I never see that many people when I go out!

Bought the new Chris Cornell album “Carry On” (which is very cool) and then went shooting this afternoon. I have Archers’ Sunburn which includes two nicely positioned white strips on my arm where the straps of my armguard go. My nose is really burnt and the bit of my forehead not covered by hair is also red. Good stuff…

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