I write things down.  Obviously, although they don’t all appear on the internet.  When something gets to me, I write about it.  Whenever I read about that as a stress release type of thing it always says that writing something gets it out your head and makes it become physical and therefore you have a type of control over it.  Well I write so I don’t forget.  I’ve never liked losing things ever since I was really young and wouldn’t throw away sweet wrappers, whether that thing be a thought or something physical.  Maybe that’s triggered by my Ascroft gene which doesn’t allow me to throw anything away, fearing that one day it may become of use.

 I also don’t necessarily write purely in prose, which I guess is an admission of writing poem / song type things, which isn’t too much of a surprise really when you consider I am attempting to learn two instruments, albeit unsuccessfully.

Anyway, I read something that meritted me to grab a pencil and add some scribbles to something I’d written a good while ago (I’m talking years) when something similar happened.  And then comes a song on iTunes that I downloaded about two months ago which is virtually exactly the same and I swear I’d never heard it before.

You may also have noticed that I like to talk around issues, being vague enough as not to give too much away but leaving enough there for someone to ask what’s up even if I don’t want to say.

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