It’s Cold!

Hurrah! And it was actually quite dark when I had to switch my alarm off so I had to put the light on to see the button for the first time in a while!  Oh yes, I could get used to this weather again.

Plus, I think when it’s warm I must move more in bed cause I my hair doesn’t need washing this morning.  Those of you who know how vain I am about my hair will probably appreciate that, those that don’t will probably just go “Geez, he’s so vain about his hair…”.

Anyway, the benefit of no hair wash is that I can do something else before I go to work, and today it gives me chance to catch up with e-mails, get myself off on the right foot to re-hydration after not drinking enough since last Thursday and write this blog.  The new site has kind of given me a new lease of life with blogging.  I was getting bored of it cause I couldn’t think of anything to write, and when I could it was too long.  Maybe a change is as good as a break after all.

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