Birthday 2007

Yesterday I was 24.  There’s no getting away from the fact now that I’m mid-twenties.  At 23 you can say it’s still early twenties, but 24 you can’t really.

 It was a fairly standard day, as birthdays seem to become the older you get.  Having it at a weekend made it fairly less intense on the time doing things you wouldn’t on any other given day.

The morning was spent sorting out car insurance as it is too difficult to have two people with the same surname and date of birth living at the same address.  Appears I haven’t been insured to drive, according to, since last September.  I had a policy, so things got difficult I’d probably have been OK if my car hadn’t have been crushed by the time I could get it to a police station.

 That afternoon I went to see the parents and then to the field to do some shooting. 

A curry was organised for the evening and we went for a few drinks at the normal places in Southport afterwards.  It was a good night, albeit cut short by the fact that Maloney’s kicked out at 1am for some reason.  Five midtwentysomethings then went cruising gold-five-door-Ford-Focus stylee to Blink182 while in search of food.

Seeing as it wouldn’t be a night out without a walk through Hesketh Park making monkey noises we parked up and did that.  James decided to chase me to try to throw me in the lake which was the reason for some Johnny Depp / Jack Sparrow-esque running as it was a tad slippery underfoot and my pale grey / white shoes aren’t as practical as they are stunningly aesthetic.  For some reason I can’t run round corners without looking like I’m trying to grab hold of the thin air in front of me.

We decided to capture our initially hilarious idea on video of someone running out the park as if being chased, exclaiming something and running off, someone else following.  James was supposed to be doing the filming but for some reason decided to hide instead, thus renderring my “No, put it away, not again” squeal somewhat meaningless and even more embarrassing should someone have seen.  Sensing the chance to turn the tables, we sneaked back in to the park via another entrance just for Dave to fall really heavily and not be able to walk properly the rest of the way home.  He did protect his garlic bread though.

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