Monday Morning

I really didn’t want to be in work today.  I have the rest of the week off, but couldn’t have today off cause we’re not both allowed to be off at the same time.

 So on my way to work this morning, not so happily following a car doing 35-40mph on the good roads, we come to a bit of a bend on the crest of a bump.  There’s a lorry the other side of the road, which is quite narrow although would let two vehicles go side by side. 

The car in front of me goes past the lorry, which then turns out into the middle of the road right in front of me.  I take evasive action and hit a curb straight on.


Oh dear.

It didn’t feel too bad to start with, until about half a mile down the road the car began to pull quite badly to the left. 

Oh dear.

 I got out to inspect the damage.  At this stage I still don’t know whether I burst the tyre or not, but I do know that I managed to put a dent on the alloy wheel meaning that the tyre was rapidly deflating.

So I got the spare space saver tyre out the boot, started to put it on and it started to rain. Hard.

So I got to work, 40 minutes late, wet, and it actually cost me more than a day’s pay for the privilage.

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