Hard Work Starts Here

‘Appears I have a new job for a bit. There was one advertised internally which was at a management level so I thought it was maybe a bit out of my reach for the time beginning, but it was actually one that I quite liked the sound of. Regular readers (or those of you with too much time on your hands and who have read my back catalogue all in one go) will know that one of my main “life” problems is not knowing what I want to do when I grow up, so to find such a job was quite strange.

I told my boss, and his boss, that I was interested and got fairly positive responses, if not tainted with the signs that I was getting ideas above my station.

The interview finally showed up last Thursday. I started at 2pm with tests and then two interviews. The literacy test was fine. The numeracy one though, well… I just hoped that the answer to the last few questions was C.

I’d been looking forward to the interviews. I thought I was well prepared (even being dressed very sharply by the nice people of River Island in Southport), and wanting the job helped. I don’t really get nervous about things like interviews any more, and from about 10.30am I was really fidgety and having to get up and walk round.

I went into the first interview and was fairly happy, although I think I maybe need to take each question at a time, rather than assume that they are being grouped. I had no idea was one interviewer was getting at until later, I was so pre-occupied with answering his question in the light of the previous one.

The second I also thought was OK, except for the fact I couldn’t think of an example of a decent mistake I’d made, so I had to give a fairly stock answer to that one.

But as I kept thinking I started to think it was bad. Very bad. By Thursday evening I was gutted. Very gutted. For once I’d found a job opportunity that was semi-realistic and which interested me (whisper it quietly, maybe even excited me), and I screwed it up despite my preparation.

My boss’ boss was interviewing and he came in the next day and asked how I thought it went, so I told him I wasn’t overly pleased because I thought I was given chances to say things about myself which I didn’t. He said I did well, and then in the afternoon said they weren’t offering the job to any of the applicants, but that I could have it on a 6-month secondment type thing.

Apparently he’d ear marked me for a development type thing and this was a good opportunity seeing as they didn’t think I had the experience to make the jump from my currently level into management despite an interview in which I demonstrated an understanding of the concepts required for the job. Fair enough. I said before the interview that I wouldn’t mind that.

Now to take the chance and prove they were right to give me one.

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