I badly want one.

They are ridiculously expensive but it has certain functionality that makes it quite good for me, even compared to a Nokia N95.  If I did get another phone, I’d just want an iPod Touch too, which would sit at home collecting dust as when I’m out I wouldn’t want to have to carry an iPod, phone and wallet – I wouldn’t have enough pockets.

This sounds like me trying to justify getting one, but when I read reviews there are generally two types.  The ones that provide a genuine comparison say that the iPhone has its plus points and is infinitely cooler than the others available, but maybe check an N95 for more value for money.  The other set of reviews seem to be from people who dislike Apple, the type of people who never go to McDonalds for political reasons, who’s review will probably mention the name Steve Jobs with personal disgust and in the same they way will be using Linux based PC cause they don’t like Bill Gates either.

I can’t imagine myself sat in a hotel having travelled for work, listening to or watching something like an N95. I already use iTunes so I’d have to rip all my CDs again so it can play my music.  I don’t need GPS, don’t partake in happy slapping let alone high quality photography, only use MMS cause it’s included in my current tariff and would like the web browsing without having to pay extra.

The only thing then left is the tariff.  Would I mind paying a bit extra to have something as cool as an iPhone? Probably not.

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  1. Benjamin Ngiam

    In my opinion, it IS kind of a luxury thing but I do have friends who uses both Android and iOS phones and they’ve mentioned that iOS’s performances are WAY better. Lesser lag is the main highlight lol.

    But overall, I still prefer iPhones for their interface and also the itunes services- iCloud, backup etc. Not sure if Android has this service now but what I recall in the past is that they didn’t.

    You can change your iPhone and restore via the backup to your new phone and it’ll be like you’ve never changed your phone because EVERYTHING (If my memory served me right) is transferred right into your new phone. Your apps, notes, previously set alarm, messages, calendar and etc all in tact. Seriously, it amazed me when I first used the function lol!

    Ever since then, I started using all of Apple products and I loved it. Even now, I’m using a Macbook and it also features the “Time Machine” backup system which is literally the same as the backup service as mentioned above with the iphone. You’d save everything into the “Time Machine” in an external hard disk of your own and when you change your macbook or mac? Use the Time Machine on that machine and you’d have ALL OF YOUR DATA from your old machine transferred into the new machine. A real impressive, nifty and convenient function!

    I’m like an Apple fanboy now hah!

    Your pal,

    • Wow! It was a while since I wrote that post! I’m now on my 4th iPhone and do love the practicalities of having an entire Apple set up at home! It’s interesting to think that when I wrote that post I don’t think there was such a thing as a touch screen phone. Now it seems harder to find one without a touch screen!

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