A Bad Result

Despite some early campaign jitters fraught with a lack of movement and (often) coherence, when the time came it was a relatively even contest.   Both sides had built up some momentum coming into the match, but there was still a favourite.  The match itself was a bit of a scrappy affair, but the result was still a shock.

Yes, never mind United beating Liverpool at Anfield – how the hell did Leon win X-Factor?

Honestly. How can the people of Britain, the people who made such great bands such as The Beatles and Oasis famous, vote for this and this over this and this?

Rhydian even proved he wasn’t a one trick pony by singing Phantom of the Opera and Pink’s Get This Party Started.  When Leon moved outside of his “comfort” zone, it was a disaster – anyone up for Dancing in the Moonlight? Didn’t think so.

I’m normally quite sympathetic to people from this type of show. I still believe that David Sneddon from Fame Academy 1 is the best and there’s no denying the talent of Leona Lewis, Will Young, Shayne Ward and Girls Aloud in their respective fields. I’m even a big fan of swing and jazz, especially the modern takes on the genre which Leon will try to join.

The British public yet again have proved that they love a hard luck story.  Fair play to the kid – he entered the competition and won. He’s going to earn more money than I ever will, meet more people than I will, get more fans than I will, get more girls than I will and have a better time doing his job than I will. 

But I think he’s going to fall firmly into the group of reality pop stars populated by the likes of Steve Brookstein and Michelle McManus.  He arguably has less talent those two, and even going through all the rounds of X-Factor, still proved with his performance on LK Today that he suffers from nerves and can’t consistently hit the notes.

How anyone can compare him to Michael Buble I have no idea.  The time Leon Jackson stands at the front of the stage, in front of a packed arena, with no microphone and sings to the crowd so that they can all hear him, then maybe I’ll change my mind.

In the mean time, here’s to the worst manufactured pop star for a long time.

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