Fresh Starts

I decided that I wanted to update my own website seeing as I’ve been building another. Now seems a good time, with it being the beginning of the year – itself a convenient if slightly irrational trigger to start doing things that could equally as well been started at any other time. Fresh starts don’t come as fresh as being on top of the mountain in Meribel which provides the image at the top of this post.

While someone decided that it would show how big a willy they have by hacking my old site and deleting some of my posts while posting adverts for, ironically enough, willy enlargement, it’s interesting to see some of the stuff I was writing nearly 10 years ago.

Things change. I used to write blog posts before 7am in the morning. At that time nowadays I’m either asleep or holding my head in my hands in the shower wishing I was asleep. I blogged about my grandmother dying over SIX years ago, an event that still feels like yesterday. In those days I used my first hard earned pay cheque to treat myself to Guns n Roses Greatest Hits CD while this month I received a credit card bill including the cost of a new MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Seven years ago I created a new site to start using pHp instead of html back in the days where I had even less idea about what they both did. I’m now thinking I might keep up with blogging as I can do it from my phone of all things while doing something else.

So when I was deciding that I wanted a blog again and was trying to decide what I would use it for, maybe the answer is in what I did before. This blog will be a form of record keeping. It will be reviews, opinions, a diary, a journal and, all in all, probably fairly pointless. But if nothing it else it proves that things don’t last forever so take every moment as it comes, keep learning and have no regrets.