Super Sensitive

If you were forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which senses would you choose?

I’ve been pondering this for the last few hours. Losing a sense is probably one of the hardest questions you will ever face. Not quite as hard as whether you would prefer to watch you parents having sex every night for the rest of their lives or join in once to make it stop, but still pretty hard.

I would miss watching sports and seeing people. I would miss not being able to hear music or people laugh. Not being able to feel anything could be dangerous, as could not be being able to smell. While I would miss being able to taste food, I’ve learnt in the past just to use food as fuel, so I think if I had to lose one it would be taste.

What to enhance I guess depends on the degree of enhancement. I’ve looked at 4k TVs and don’t see a benefit over HD, but being able to see small things or superhero x-ray vision would be cool.

If hearing was enhanced and everything just got louder, that would be rubbish. If you could hear further or greater range, I think that would be hard to live with. Likewise with smell.

That kind of leaves me with touch. Touch has a downside – pain would be excruciating, as it would be if you had to control just how hard you type, or walk, and how much more sensitive you could become to temperature. But I think those things would be controllable. The bit leaves me wondering is hyper-sensitivity to positive touch, such as a kiss. I just wonder if that would be worth the enhancement.

When thinking about this, two things have struck me. The first is just how well calibrated we are has humans. The second is the importance of maintaining that calibration.

Of course, if someone were to offer me an improvement to my sixth sense, I wouldn’t say no!

I can depend on you
But sometimes
It’s burning a hole right through
Keep pushing the senses through

Pushing the Senses by Feeder

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