In a Crisis

Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

The Daily Post writing prompts appear to be of two main types. One is a general story telling type post, while the other is largely self-evaluation. This is the latter, and during those posts I tend to split my personal life and work life. I’m going to do that again.

At work, I’m generally quite pleased about how I react in a “crisis”. I used to work on a large project, working very long hours largely lunging from one disaster to another, yet fitting them together in a perfect symbiosis to achieve pretty damn good results, even if I do say so myself. (I wouldn’t want to go back 90 hour weeks, with all the non-glamour of weekly living away from home and eating a few to many donner calzones at 10pm when we’d run out of biscuits and Haribo, but I wouldn’t want to work in any other team if there was a project to be done).

In these situations at work, crisis management was easy. This was mainly because we had a lot of people with a lot of knowledge who had seen the crisis coming and planned for it.

For me, though, the real crises are the ones that happen in life. Work doesn’t count in these circumstances because work gives me money and teaches me things to help me do life when I’m not in the office. And under these real circumstances, my real life crises are ones of confidence. Even applying the lessons learnt at work, these ones just seem so hard.

Yeah you once sent me a letter that said “If you’re lost at sea,
Close your eyes and catch the tide my dear and only think of me.”
Well darling, now I’m sinking and I’m as lost as lost can be,
And I was hoping you could drag me up from down here towards my recovery.

Recovery by Frank Turner

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  1. I’m thinking it’s the age of the musical mid-life crisis – according to Spotify at least!

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