Mix Tape Masterpiece

You make a new friend. Make them a mix tape (or playlist, for the younger folks) that tells them who you are through song.

I was reading a few replies to this post on the Daily Post site to see what tunes people were putting, partly out of interest to see how people were replying and partly because I’m a bit of a music fan and thought I might find something new and interesting. The other reason was to try to understand this “make a new friend” concept! 😉 It took me 9 posts before I could find someone who had actually created a mix tape (thanks Snigdha at Blue Loft). One blogger wrote a poem explaining that they didn’t want to write the post and others just put single songs which were a great deal more imaginative the person who just put pictures of their cat, but still not quite what was asked for.

Certainly the latter annoyed me, because if someone doesn’t want to write (about this subject) then they don’t have to. I assume that they published the trackback to get hits because they could have written about anything. I realise that maybe I can stray from a subject and there is such a thing as artistic licence, but why post simply that it’s a terrible suggestion?

I wanted to start blogging regularly as a way of channeling creativity so sometimes I force it a little. This is the case with this post to an extent. I’ve already mentioned two traits about me, one that people notice (I get annoyed) and one that maybe they don’t (that I can actually be creative). So, if I was doing a mix tape to describe me, I would probably use songs like “Bad Mood” by the Vaccines “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World because I’m not the most confident of people and “Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)” by The Rolling Stones to describe my relationship status.

What I decided to do was list some of my favourite songs (in the order they come to mind) and why I like them / some lyrics to see if that describes me (and I’m aware that most have been posted elsewhere on this website at one particular point in time). I fear that there may be too much honesty here!


A Dustland Fairytale by The Killers

The song is about Brandon Flowers’ parents and his mother’s battle with cancer.  It’s a song that I loved from first hearing it.  The storytelling in all The Killers’ songs is just amazing (in my honest opinion) and knowing the background to the songs just makes them better.  I can’t relate to the scenario, but I understand the battle.

Now Cinderella, don’t you go to sleep?
It’s such a bitter form of refuge.
Why don’t you know the kingdom’s under siege
And everybody needs you.
Is there still magic in the midnight sun,
Or did you leave it back in ’61
In the cadence of a young man’s eyes,
Out where the dreams all hide?


Konstantine by Something Corporate

This is a 9 minute 35 second piano master piece. I love the piano, and I love the lyrics about a guy who just isn’t up to what his girlfriend wants, but she doesn’t want to let him go when they probably need some time apart to live for the benefit of their relationship.

This is to a girl who got into my head
With all these pretty things she did.
Hey Baby, you know you keep me up in bed.
It’s to a girl who got into my head
With all the fucked up things I did.
Hey maybe, Baby, you could keep me up in bed
My Konstantine.


Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Greenday

This song is about making the most of things. If it’s not enough that it’s simply a great song and that is pretty seminal for the band, it was also one of my favourite live music experiences watching this be played on the Bullet In A Bible tour however long ago.

So make the best of this test, and don’t ask why.
It’s not a question, but a lesson learned in time.


Joy Beats Darkness by Ash

Rock and roll.  A true jump-around-the-room-in-your-underpants-with-your-air-guitar anthem.  Amazing.  Love it.

We can’t wait, there is no time.
You cannot predict when lightning will strike.
There’s no chance to hesitate –
Destiny has looked you straight in the face and called your name.

Dizzy by Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World are quite possibly my favourite band so I have to include one of their songs. This happens to be my favourite, which is a shame because I don’t think they’ll ever play it live. It’s a song about a relationship that isn’t quite happening but it’s still just about holding on. It’s the last two lines of the lyric quote that I remember about that song (especially in its delivery). It’s not that I feel unlucky about things, but I can have a quiet resignation that maybe somethings will just not happen for me.

I told you as I hovered, I never felt this way.
You said I have the shot that stops my clock,
Baby it’s OK.
You said you’d never have regrets…
Jesus, is there someone yet
Who got their wish? Did you get yours, babe?


Burning Benches by Morning Runner

I love how this song builds! The theme that runs through is about having that someone who means the world to you, but you just don’t really know why. I first heard the song at a time it was pertinent and it’s stuck with me. It was featured on one of those dance films where the couple didn’t really seem to get along, but they just worked.

You can have it all.
We’ll see mountains fall
But it’s not heaven without you.


Photosynthesis by Frank Turner

Because I feel that the tape needs some good old fashioned punk rock anarchy to it!  Frank’s shows are the best – so much energy.

And I won’t sit down,
And I won’t shut up,
And most of all I will not grow up.

Many of Horror by Biffy Clyro

This is, again, because I think the tape needs Biffy on it!  I wanted badly to pick one of their unknown tunes, but Many of Horror really is my favourite Biffy song.  A song about taking everything that’s bad because the end result is worth it.

When we collide we come together.
If we don’t we’ll always be apart.
I’ll take a bruise; I know you’re worth it.
When you hit me hit me hard.

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