In The Summertime

If it’s autumn or winter where you live, what are you most looking forward to doing next summer? If it’s spring or summer where you are, what has been the highlight of the season so far for you?

I haven’t really had the best day of summer yet – hopefully! I’m currently in the middle of a week long staycation to paint my house and maybe do a bit of gardening, both of which I consider to be two of the most detestable DIY activities. The rest of my summer has been taken up by work.

Unfortunately I don’t have any plans to go away for a summer holiday, mainly because I don’t have anyone to go with and I get bored of my own company. I know some say that that’s a cop out but I like sharing things and I’m ridiculously bad at meeting new people. It’s also partly because I wasn’t organised enough to get anything together.

There are two summer days that I remember from recent times that I really enjoyed. Both were very simple. The first was just a pub visit last year. It shouldn’t be anything special, but I still remember it.

The second day was walking along one of the rivers in Pittsburgh when I was working there, starting from PNC Park and walking down past Heinz Field. Again, there shouldn’t really be any reason to remember it, other than that it felt like the perfect summer day.  The photo was taken on my last trip to Pittsburgh, watching a baseball game with a Spaniard at PNC is humidity like I’ve never felt!  That was also a good summer night!

We lied down in the grass,
Put our feet towards the sky,
Pretending we could walk on clouds.

Remember watching another rising sun?
We promised each other to stay forever young.

Where are the days?

Where are the days of summer,
On top of the world unstoppable?
Where are the days of wonders,
When nothing’s impossible?

Days of Summer by Ana Johnson

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